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The spiritual successor of until dawn, The Quarry follows a group of diverse teenagers on the last day of camp, who after being left behind when everyone leaves, must fight for their lives when they start to be attacked for being dark in the darkness.


Developer: Supermassive Games

Distributor: 2K Games

Director: Will Byles

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

Launch: June 10, 2022

Genre: Interactive Drama, Horror

translation to Portuguese: Yea

modes: Single player, multiplayer

In The Quarry, the player controls nine different characters who need to survive a very scary night, running away from bloodthirsty monsters that are after them while also having to deal with their own problems and decisions.

charismatic characters

The greatest strength of The Quarry is in its great cast of characters, formed by names like Justice Smith (Detective Pikachu), David Arquette (Panic), Ariel Winter (Modern Family) and even Lin Shaye (Supernatural franchise). As an “evolution” of until dawn, in addition to more playable characters, here they also have much more personality, even though they are stereotypes of horror movies, each one has something to offer and they are not stuck to the clichés of the genre.

It is also important to remember that choices influence – to a certain extent – ​​how each character will act and the future that awaits them. Particularly, my favorites in the story, both in plot and personality, were Dylan (Miles Robbins), Emma (Halston Sage) and Jacob (Zach Tinker) – and I was very sad every time one of them ended up dying.

Each of these three characters also gives a good summary of how the game Play with gender stereotypes and brings something more to them. While at first they seem to be just stampedes from horror movies: the clown, the “bad girl” and the dumb jock, they earn a lot. depth and becoming quite charismatic characters,

The Quarry also brings a very fun system of “replay”, each time a character dies you can use one of three lives to bring them back, going back a few seconds and making a contrary decision that would save them.

Dylan (Miles Robbins) and Kaitlyn (Brenda Song) are the most charismatic characters in the title.

choices that matter

as in until dawnall choices matter when it comes to saving or not a character and also where the plot will lead, are several different endings that can be hit, but the game can end up becoming quite dull when you play it more than a few times in a short period of time, as it is not possible to skip repeated scenes and you often end up in equal situations or very similar.

The best way to play The Quarry is every month or twomaking different choices and seeing which way they will go.

stopped start

Perhaps one of the biggest problems with the game is that after the prologue the game spends a lot of time developing its characters and without bringing too much action or scares. For those who like to delve deeper into the plot and meet young people, the beginning of the game is a great time, but it is certain that those who prefer something more frenetic will quickly get bored.

The biggest problem with this part is exactly the second or third time you play the game, as the choices here don’t have as many ramifications and everything is just to take you until the night, when the young people who stayed at the camp make a fire pit, believing that there is no danger around you.

Still, from that moment on, everything starts to go wrong in the instructors’ lives and you must do everything to try to save them, or condemn them to a violent fate and cruel.

Jacob (Zach Tinker) is the classic “himbo” with a good heart

frantic ending

However, what it lacks at the beginning in terms of action and emotion, the final part makes up for with a frantic and tense pace. After the group gathers again after the bonfire, this time in the tents next to the radio, we have a festival of great moments that no horror fan can criticizewith very good chapters and plots, ranging from an abandoned mine, persecution in a junkyard and even a very scary house with maniacal hunters.

All this packed in Quick Actions Events that have already been marked in until dawn: In addition to having to press a button quickly to save yourself from danger, you also need to hold your breath and make quick choices like run or if to hide. The title creates a great feeling of immersion, especially when you’re running away from a scary monster in a tree house.

Monsters are kept secret for quite a while

treasure hunt

Another factor that can bring an interesting appeal to some players is the collections that the game brings. From the beginning you can collect evidence, that will prove that the events that took place at the camp were something real, clues from one of the three mysteries that are interconnected, or else tarot cards scattered throughout the game, which give you clues to a possible future.

The cards play a very important role in the narrative and in each chapter you sit in front of a fortune teller (Grace Zabriskie), who gives you tips and also helps you predict O future, giving small scenes of what their actions can do to characters who are still alive.

Look for tarot cards, they are important!

a long game

One of the biggest attractions of The Quarry it’s like the game also has a mode local multiplayer which allows more than one player to control the actions of different characters, but you will hardly be able to make a “Slasher Party” where you and your friends play at once as this is a pretty long game.

with about 10 hours long in a normal game, you can still spend a lot of time making choices, looking for cards and mysteries, in addition to having to pause every now and then. While playing alone this It’s not a problem and you can finish the title very quickly, the functionality of playing with more people becomes something more difficult to use, especially since, as said, it doesn’t advance scenes that you’ve seen in previous games.

Laura Kearney (Siobhan Williams) Perfectly Embodies the “Final Girls” of the ’80s

the terrible dubbing

Now, the biggest problem of the game, currently, without a doubt, is the dubbing. at least not PlayStation 5 there is no option to play The Quarry in original audio, which makes the whole experience quite irritating. In addition to bad translations, several sentences are simply left out and you can see the character moving his mouth, the caption indicating what he is saying, but nothing comes out. At other times, the dubbed phrase is said, but the character has already stopped talking 5 seconds ago.

the dubbing of Abigail (Ariel Winter) is particularly unbearable, as is that of Ryan (Justice Smith), which in addition to not conveying any emotion, still manages to make the characters much less sympathetic than they could be.

Apart from the dubbed part, however, the game has a very good sound job, whether in the scenarios or even in the soundtrack; in addition, it brings an option that replaces licensed music (the game literally starts playing Ariana Grande) with an original track for those who want to stream.

“What does not kill you make you stronger”.

Who’s Afraid of Camping?

At the end, The Quarry it is a very good game, full of interesting characters, whether playable or not, and a incredible ambiance and full of different places to explore. Bringing a diverse and large group, the game also makes it impossible not to identify and cheer for the instructors.

Not so in-depth here are the monsters that prey on the young, while in until dawn the history and origin of Wendigos is very well crafted, here the monstrous beings just exist, you even have a mythology minor being addressed at one time or another, but overall they are just narrative elements used to create violent deaths. But in the end, The Quarry It’s a very fun and enjoyable game to play, both for horror fans and interactive adventure fans.

Despite the various comparisons with until dawnand the studio’s other games, it’s impossible to deny how The Quarry It is higher to its predecessor at various points, whether in the visuals, character building, setting and even the choices, which here seem much more dangerous and interesting.

note: 7/10

*For review, the PlayStation 5 version was played.

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