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19.07 Our LIVE LIVE on the first day of the 2022 European Track Cycling Championships in Munich ends here. Thank you for following us and tomorrow for the assignment of the first titles. Good evening everybody!

19.06 Tomorrow will be the semifinal between Denmark and Italy in the men’s pursuit, the revenge of the legendary Tokyo 2020 Olympic final.

19.05 A really good starting day for Italy that has centered the qualification with the quartets of the pursuit and, surprisingly, also with the men’s sprint team.

19.04 3: 55.920 and third position for Italy: fair test for the Azzurri who, like the women, start among the top four in view of the final phase.

19.03 1.794 the gap between France and Italy: the last kilometer of the Azzurri must be convincing.

19.02 Six tenths of a delay from France to the second intermediate: the blues have halved the disadvantage.

19.01 Third time for the Azzurri after the first kilometer: we must accelerate.

18.59 The Italian quartet formed by Liam Bertazzo, Francesco Lamon, Davide Plebani and Manlio Moro is now starting.

18.58 3: 54.280 Denmark’s time just one tenth behind France. Only the reigning Olympic champion quartet, the Italian one, is missing.

18.56 Just a tenth of a delay from France for Denmark who recovered seven tenths between the first and second kilometers.

18.53 Now Denmark starts with Hansen, Bevort, Skivild and Pedersen.

18.51 Second position for Great Britain with a time of 3: 55.998: a delay of 1.873 from France.

18.49 The British start quite slowly: we’ll see if there will be an acceleration later on.

18.47 Third last quartet, the British one. At the start Britton, Emadi, Wood and Tanfield.

18.46 3: 54.125: Benjamin Thomas’ great train that drags France in the lead.

18.44 Two seconds of advantage for France over Germany in the middle of the race.

18.42 It is the turn of France who field Denis, Lafargue, Thomas and Tabellion in the quartet.

18.39 3: 56.239: test in progression for Germany that climbs in the lead with a margin of two seconds over Switzerland.

18.36 Now we get to the heart: the German quartet leaving with Buck-Gramcko, Heinrich, Reinhardt and Rohde.

18.34 3: 58.210: finally a great time trial. Switzerland undermines Poland and leads the qualification.

18.32 The Swiss are serious: over five seconds ahead of Poland at 3000 meters.

18.30 Now the fourth quartet starts, that of Switzerland made up of Thiebaud, Vogel, Imhof and Vitzhum.

18.28 Nice comeback in the final of Poland who flies in the lead with a time of 4: 02.702.

18.25 At 2000 meters, Poland is over a second behind Belgium.

18.22 It’s up to Staniszewski, Banaszek, Majewski and Rudyk who represent the quartet of Poland.

18.20 4: 03.021: Belgium files the Spanish time by three tenths.

18.18 Belgium has a margin of four tenths over Spain in the middle of the match.

18.16 The Belgian quartet is made up of Senrame, De Broeder, Van Mulders and Bernard.

18.13 4: 03.340 the time of Spain: greatly improved already from Belgium.

18.11 Spain begins with Martorell Haga, Romero Villanueva, Mora Vedri and Torres Barcelo.

18.09 Now it’s up to the nine male quartets: Spain, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, France, Great Britain, Denmark and Italy.

18.07 Germany wins the qualifications giving 1,822 to the blue with a really incisive final.

18.05 Germany is close to Italy’s time at 3000 meters.

18.02 Now it’s the turn of the last quartet: Germany. The Germans deploy Brennauer, Brausse, Kroger and Klein.

18.00 VITTORIA GUAZZINIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII !!!!!!! IT’S A TRENOOOOOOOO !!!! 4: 16.510! A second and a half advantage over France: the blue who qualify for the final phase with authority are truly wonderful.

17.59 Six tenths of a delay for the blue, but the trend is positive.

17.58 At two kilometers Italy is two tenths behind France. We must not break down and we must remain hooked.

17.56 The blues have started very strong! At the first kilometer, an advantage of four tenths over France.

17.54 And now it’s Italy’s turn! Rachele Barbieri, Vittoria Guazzini, Martina Fidanza and Letizia Paternoster aim for at least the third position to return to the top-4 in view of the final phase.

17.53 Final acceleration of Great Britain which is second behind France by less than two seconds. This shows that the British had a large margin.

17.52 Progression of the British who return up to two seconds late.

17.50 Over two seconds late for Great Britain against France in the middle of the race.

17.48 Three quartets are missing: now Great Britain at the start with Morris, Knight, Roberts and Evans.

17.46 4: 30.952 the time of Poland who is fourth almost 13 seconds behind France.

17.45 The three remaining Poles disunite: there are not so many energies left in the tank.

17.43 Already six seconds late for the Poles at 2500 meters. The time of the transalpine will beat him in a few.

17.41 The Polish quartet made up of the sisters Pikulik, Plosaj and Szalinska is leaving.

17.39 4: 26.028 the time of Ireland which is placed in third position between Holland and Switzerland.

17.37 Shortly after halfway through the race the Irish remain in three and break up.

17.36 Three and a half seconds late for the Irish girls in the middle of the race.

17.34 The Irish leave: the reigning European bronze quartet is made up of Kay, Griffin, Sharpe and Murphy.

17.33 4: 33.154: third position for Switzerland more than fifteen seconds from the best time recorded by France.

17.31 Three Swiss remain too soon: they will hardly be able to get back on the French.

17.29 The Swiss skid after every curve and after just over a kilometer they already pay five seconds from France.

17.27 It is the turn of the quartet of Switzerland made up of Andres, Buri, Mettraux and Seitz.

17.25 4: 23.843 the time of the Dutch at more than five and a half seconds from France: second position for the Dutch.

17.23 At 2600 meters, Holland pays four seconds compared to France: the time of the transalpines is already a good reference.

17.21 Holland starts: quartet formed by Hengeveld, De Zoete, Raaijmakers and Van der Hulst.

17.19 4: 18.074 for France and almost twenty seconds ahead of Spain: 55.797 km / h the average speed.

17.18 Copponi takes off, while the others proceed very compactly.

17.16 Halfway through the race, the French have already more than 11 seconds ahead of Spain.

17.13 It’s up to the French quartet composed of Berteau, Fortin, Copponi and Borras.

17.11 Calvo Barbero, Isasi Cristobal, Martin Martin and Larrarte Arteaga record a time of 4: 37.811: a decidedly high time for the Spaniards.

17.09 The qualifications of the women’s pursuit begin: Spain is the first quartet to leave.

17.07 Italy will now face the Netherlands in the final phase: a clearly impossible challenge for the Azzurri who have hit the far from obvious goal of qualification.

17.05 It seems almost impossible to go and establish the dominion of the Dutch. It is difficult to imagine that gold does not go to the trio of wonders.

17.02 35.036 for Holland! Monstre time for the champions of the orange way: over six tenths of an advantage over Great Britain. Simply unattainable.

16.59 France which is second behind Great Britain: 35,751. Now only the reigning world champion Holland is missing.

16.56 Problem at the start for the transalpines who will have to repeat the operations at the start.

16.54 France and Holland are missing, the two national teams that will play for gold.

16.52 Poland goes behind Great Britain: 35.903 for the Poles. Italy sixth.

16.49 Great Britain leading in 35,638, Italy currently fifth.

16.46 The best four on paper are missing to complete this qualification.

16.43 The team in command changes again: Poland first with 35.903, Italy fourth.

16.40 Czech Republic in command in 36.256, Italy which is currently third. It is probable that the Azzurri will finish eighth.

16.37 Ukraine is only fourth, so Italy wins access to the first round! Great blow for the very young blue boys who will be able to grow a lot in the future.

16.34 Spain that goes to the command and overtakes Italy: 36,661.

16.30 Lithuania behind Italy with 36.928. We need to put another national team behind to go through.

16.27 36.813 the time of the Azzurri at 58.674 km / h.

16.25 The first to leave will be the young Italy: Matteo Tugnolo, Matteo Bianchi and Daniele Napolitano. Obviously the goal is to enter the top-8, with an eye towards the future.

16.23 Soon it will be the men ‘s turn. There are ten national teams registered, only the best eight will advance to the first round, with therefore the cut of two.

16.21 Germany (Hinze, Grabosch and Friedrich) who therefore wins this qualification in front of Holland and France. As mentioned, all teams advance to first round of tomorrow.

16.20 The world champions make no mistake and fly in command: 38,097 at 56,697 km / h.

16.17 Now Germany.

16.15 Netherlands going, as expected, in command: 38,492, at an average of 56,115 km / h.

16.12 Poland is also very close: third in 39.029. It will be a good battle for medals, even if the one for the first two squares seems to be closed to Germany and Holland, soon on track.

16.09 Great Britain close to the best time: for a few thousandths behind France, 38.960.

16.07 Second place for Ukraine: 40.240. Obviously, Germany and Holland are expected to compete for the podium.

16.05 French who are among the candidates for the podium, clearly better than the Magiare: 38.926 the time trial that is worth the first position.

16.04 Now it’s up to France.

16.03 44.632 the time to eat at 48.395km / h.

16.01 The first team to leave will be Hungary.

16.00 Soon we will start with the women’s sprint team. Seven teams competing, all advance to the next round. The second will challenge the seventh, the third the sixth, the fourth the fifth, while the first will run alone.

15.58 Italy who will be involved in all tests except the first: the Bel Paese is also growing in speed, but there is still a nursery capable of fielding a competitive team, especially at the women’s level.

15.55 Today, in fact, only qualifications are scheduled: first those of team sprint (women and men), then that of team pursuits (women and men).

15.52 First tranche of competitions that will not assign medals, but already some important steps in that of Monaco also for the Bel Paese.

15.50 Hello friends of OA Sport and welcome to the Live Live broadcast of the first day of the 2022 European Track Cycling Championships.

The calendar of the European Track Cycling Championships

Hello friends of OA Sport and welcome to LIVE LIVE on the first day of the 2022 European Track Cycling Championships. The continental review begins in Munich (Germany).

On day 1 no titles will be awarded, but the men’s and women’s qualifications of the Sprint Team and the chase quartets will begin. In the Sprint Team Italy will not be present for women, the Azzurri will instead be protagonists in the men with Matteo Tugnolo, Matteo Bianchi and Daniele Napolitano.

The highlight of the day will be the quartets of the pursuit: we start from the female one composed of Rachele Barbieri, Vittoria Guazzini, Martina Fidanza and Letizia Paternoster. The reigning Olympic champion quartet will also make its debut, which will be formed by the second generation: Liam Bertazzo, Francesco Lamon, Davide Plebani and Manlio Moro.

OA Sport offers you the LIVE LIVE on the first day of the 2022 European Track Cycling Championships which take place in Munich (Germany). Good fun!

Photo: AP Photo / Christophe Ena – Lapresse

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