“The queen is in danger”

The plan of the two that will change everything: William and Kate would be thinking of implementing an action with enormous consequences to say the least.

Kate and Will at an event
Kate and Will at an event (Instagram photo)


Kate and William, in addition to the many good news and initiatives that always see them at the center of attention, they also talk about them for situations, both past and current, capable of generating debate. A very recent choice of theirs, given as probable and even imminent, is now monopolizing the interest of the tabloids across the Channel.

The protagonists are Kate and William, who are thinking of proceeding with an important choice, made with a view to the future, especially to protect the estate and interests of the Royal Family. Because it is part of this decision in all respects also Queen Elizabeth.

The 96-year-old sovereign has now resided on a permanent basis at Windsor Castle, which she very rarely leaves to show herself to some official commitment that does not tire her more than necessary. She has not been seen for quite some time near Buckingham Palace, which is her official residence in London.

William and Kate, what’s their move: the latest news

The two Dukes of Cambridge
The two Dukes of Cambridge (Instagram photo)

The other senior members of the Royal Family, i.e. the same William and Kate Middleton, and Carlo and Camilla, reside in South Kensington and Clarence House. But now Will and his wife are thinking of moving elsewhere, and getting closer to Queen Elizabeth.

It would be their intentions move to Adelaide Cottage, which is one of many Royal Family properties in the UK. And which has the peculiarity of being just ten minutes away from Windsor Castle. There are two reasons for this move.

One is to increase the frequency of their time that Will and Kate intend to spend with Elizabeth. And the other is to preserve the queen herself from disreputable individuals. The reference is to Andrea di York, one of the four sons of the monarch, overwhelmed by a scandal that cost him his reputation and every right attributed to members of the Royal Family.

“Andrea would like to circumvent the queen”

He now intends to rehabilitate himself by trying to leverage his elderly mother. It was she who chose to exclude Andrea and remove him from court. He now has to compensate the woman who accused him of harassment, with a figure of over 15 million euros agreed privately to prevent the latter from dragging him to court.

But William and his wife, who really care about the queen, intend to act as “overseers” in her favor and want any controversial presence to disturb her. Furthermore, the two are convinced that the closeness of their three children – George, Charlotte and Louis – to their famous great-grandmother can also be of great help to Elizabeth.

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