The Ramos brothers want to serve as models for the Maunabena youth

The land of Jueiros has produced great sporting figures and three of them lived under one roof. Originally from the Matuas Alto neighborhood, brothers Hector, Henry and Heliot Ramos have excelled in baseball and soccer, raising children in both disciplines and representing Maunabenos in style.

The eldest of the trio of brothers is Hector, who is 32 years old and stands out as a striker in “Deporte Rey”. He made his debut in Sevilla de Bayamón in 2008 and since then, he has played in recognized clubs on the island such as the now defunct Puerto Rico Islanders, but he has also participated with various teams in the Salvadoran League in Saudi Arabia. And also in Malaysia, where he currently plays with Sabah FA.

Héctor has made history in the Puerto Rican national team, as he holds the title of top scorer for the national team with 21 goals.

Instead, his brother Henry Ramos LeBron, 30, has excelled as a baseball player. In 2010, he was selected by the Boston Red Sox in the fifth round of the Major League Baseball (MLB) draft. After playing in the minor leagues for several years with the Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants and Texas Rangers organizations, the right fielder finally made his Major League debut in 2021 with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Hector 'Pito' Ramos, the oldest of the young athletes, decided to pursue a career in football.
Hector ‘Pito’ Ramos, the oldest of the young athletes, decided to pursue a career in football. ,supply,

Last year, Ramos opted to play in the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) with Katie Wiz (2022). While in the Major Leagues this 2023 he signed a minor league contract with an invitation to the spring camp of the Cincinnati Reds, with whom he is fighting for a new turn at bat in MLB.

Recently, Henry also wore the colors of our country, as he was a member of Team Rubio that represented us in the 2023 World Baseball Classic and Roberto Clemente came from playing with Indios de Mayagüez in the Professional Baseball League (LBPRC) .

While the youngest of the brothers, 23-year-old Heliot Ramos LeBron, followed in Henry’s footsteps as a center fielder for the San Francisco Giants. He made his way into 2017, when he was selected in the first round of the MLB Player Draft, and by 2022, he might be able to make his debut on the big stage in the majors.

These brothers are a source of pride for their town of Maunabo and a beacon of hope for youngsters who are just starting to take their first steps in the sport. For Henry Ramos, sports were a part of his family’s life from a very young age and he confirms that in his case, he always loved baseball.

Henry Ramos, the second of the brothers, currently belongs to the Cincinnati Reds organization.
Henry Ramos, the second of the brothers, currently belongs to the Cincinnati Reds organization. ,Aaron Doster,

“I started playing at Maunabo when I was 5 or 6 because my parents took me to the park. But, since the day I started playing, baseball has been my passion. Sports are everything to me,” said Ramos, who played football with his brothers in addition to baseball.

“We all played baseball and soccer, but as we grew up the oldest (Hector) liked soccer and me and Heliot liked baseball more,” Henry said.

After those first years visiting the parks of his city, Ramos had to go play in the Caguas when he reached youth. This is how he continued his career until he achieved the dream of every baseball player who gets selected in the MLB draft. It was at that point that Henry discovered that baseball was no longer fun, but that his life would have another meaning.

“A year or two after I signed in 2011, I understood that baseball was a business and it was my career that would feed my family. I thank God because till date he has allowed me to earn a living with this sport. is allowed,” Ramos said.

From dreaming about the sport he is passionate about, Ramos worked tirelessly each year to earn a spot on the team. At age 30, Henry aspires to establish himself in the majors and hopes to land a spot with the Reds during the 2023 season.

“I am good, focused and grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to play baseball for another year. I’m trying to leave everything on the field to be able to have a place with the team, ”said the player, who admits that his career as a professional baseball player has had its ups and downs.

Heliot Ramos, the youngest of a trio of brothers, is in the majors for the San Francisco Giants.
Heliot Ramos, the youngest of a trio of brothers, is in the majors for the San Francisco Giants. ,Lynn Sladky,

“In this race we have experienced everything, sad days, happy days. It has been learned over time that this is a business. No matter how much passion one has for the sport and for the sport How much love, until you understand that this is a business, you will not be able to live in peace, live in peace and enjoy the process”, admitted the athlete who is the mother of an 8-year-old girl and a 2-year-old boy. The father of the boy is

In short, one of the positive records he holds in his career is his recent participation in the World Baseball Classic.

“It’s a dream that I’ve had since I was very young, to be able to represent Puerto Rico at this level and God has given me the opportunity. I’m very proud to be able to compete with my teammates”, Ramos said. Said, which confirms that he was not expected to be selected as part of Team Rubio.

“I don’t expect anything in the game already, just when it was my turn I was finishing the season with Mayagüez (LBPRC) and honestly my mind was not on that (clásico)”, the right fielder confessed. Did.

In addition to fighting to stay on the diamond, Ramos recognized that he had another job on his shoulders, and that was the great responsibility of serving as an example to the many children and youth, especially those in his hometown who would See and his brother, some figures to follow.

“It’s a big responsibility because these young guys are watching you and following you, because you have to try to walk straight to set a good example. It’s not just as a baseball player, but as a An example as individuals, as followers of Christ, so that they can put their eyes where they need to,” he said.

“Many times they go to see baseball players, to see artists and things that are not very cool or inspiring for the youth and the future. Yes, it is a big responsibility and we have to take care of the image that we are going to project. So these boys don’t grow up to be confused”, the player concluded.

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