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TURIN – Score to rap beat, Memphis Depay. Or better still just Memphis, first name that he wants written on his shirts instead of the surname, that of the father who abandoned the family when he was four years old. He scores to rap rhythm not only because he loves that kind of music, but because he plays and sings it, ever since it began to emerge in Psv Eindhoven and collaborated with the Dutch rap group Rotterdam Airlines. Passion kept intact over the years, brought with him to Manchester, where (United side) he moved at 21 in 2015 after scoring 27 goals with PSV, and then to Lyon, where he began to be reborn in January 2017 after a year and a half difficult with the Red Devils.

Depay: "I saw De Ligt in Holland ..."

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Depay: “I saw De Ligt in Holland …”

In France, in addition to experiencing his best football seasons, the Dutch striker who Juventus likes has also given his best as a musician, releasing several singles through social media and youtube. The most successful was also the first downloadable from classic music streaming platforms, such as Spotify o Apple Music: published in 2018, it is titled “No Love” and at the time received the social appreciation of Paul Pogba, who with Depay had had time to play a few months at Manchester United and who could soon find him again. The video alternates between images of Depay singing in a recording studio and those of a couple.

A couple, like the one formed in the early 1990s by Dennis Depay, from Ghana, and Cora Schensema, from Holland. Couple from whom Memphis was born on February 13, 1994, in Moordrecht, near Rotterdam in the province of South Holland. Happy event which, however, did not succeed in calming the family atmosphere, as anticipated before, until the father abandoned the family. His place, as a role, was taken by his maternal grandfather Cees, a true mentor to whom the attacker dedicated one of his 47 tattoos, among which the huge lion that occupies his entire back dominates. His death, when Memphis was 15, was a hard blow for the teenager who was beginning to establish himself in Dutch football and who in that same period, together with his mother, found himself being abandoned even by her new partner, who left all after winning a lottery. “Memphis has seen too much for someone so young, but that has made him even more hungry to establish himself», Grandma Jans said at the time of the move to United. Hungry like a lion.

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