the reaction of the markets. Spread down to 213 points-

After the rate hike wanted by the ECB, to +75 basis points, the reaction of the markets is immediate. The strengthening of the rate on the euro has clearly eased the tension on the government bonds of the Old Continent: the yield of the 10-year BTP falls by 16 basis points to 4.14%, with the spread against the German Bund down to 213 `basis points against 220 at the start. The euro remains weak confirming the parity on the dollar while the stock markets are rising also thanks to the upward opening of Wall Street. The American stock market opened at two speeds with the Dow Jones index up sharply after the US GDP figure, which grew by 2.6% in the third quarter

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The Ftse Mib index marks a + 0.22% at 22,439. Piazza Affari recovers the previous drop of 0.6%. Highlighted on the list are energy and bank securities, with the spread and ten-year rates falling. Among the banks, Mediobanca + 3% after the quarter, Unicredit + 2.3%, Bpm + 3.6%, Bper + 2.1%. Mps down 0.5% to € 1.969. In energy Enel up 2.1%, Eni + 2.7%, Italgas + 3.5%. Saipem jumped after the quarter with a + 10.9%. The accounts instead penalized Stm with a -7.7%, while Moncler accused a decrease of 5.4%; same motivation for Diasorin who gives 8.7%.

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