The reactions of the Kremlin to the results of the elections and to the victory of Giorgia Meloni-

from Marco Imarisio

The media close to the Moscow government does not exude enthusiasm for Giorgia Meloni’s victory. “Berlusconi and Salvini would like to review the sanctions, you are an Atlanticist”

Moscow has no illusions. Everything has changed, but nothing has changed. Already the official reaction, entrusted as usual to Dmitry Peskov, does not exude enthusiasm. «This is an exclusively internal affair of the Italian Republic. We are ready to welcome any political force capable of going beyond the consolidated hatred of our country and of showing a more constructive attitude towards us ». I’m almost photocopied statements, when compared with those released after elections in any other European country. To try to understand how Russia really thinks, and what possible expectations it places in the imminent change of government, we need a first tour in the state media or close to the current one in power, in charge of leaking the word of Vladimir Putinor at least to interpret his thinking.

The results of the 2022 elections live

“What to expect for us?” Komsomolskaya Pravda, a newspaper with 22 million copies, founded in 1925 as the official organ of the young people of the Communist Party and become one of the main supporters of the current power, mind you right from the title. The answer is: little or nothing. “It is not worth hoping for a serious change in policy towards Russia by Giorgia Meloni and Fratelli d’Italia. We must not forget that the future premier has repeatedly expressed her intention to continue the line of collaboration with the US and NATO. But even her own party was one of the promoters of the introduction of anti-virus sanctions in the EU ».

The results in the House and the Senate

More possibilist Moskovsky Komsomolets, the second most widespread newspaper in Moscow and the only newspaper aligned to take a stand in this sense. After a detailed biography of the probable future prime minister, she concludes: «While the“ minor partners ”of the right-wing coalition Berlusconi and Salvini have declared that they would like to review the sanctions against Russia a because of their influence on the Italian economy, Meloni firmly supports the defense of Ukraine, intervenes with anti-virus declarations and pronounces himself in favor of sending weapons to Kiev. It remains uncertain, however, whether his government will support the eighth round of sanctions now under discussion in Brussels. His coalition partner Matteo Salvini claims that Western sanctions have brought Italy to its knees even though he never blocked these EU measures against Russia when his party was part of the Draghi government ».

Much distrust also emerges from nationalist circles close to the philosopher Aleksandr Dugin, highly esteemed by Putin. On, the reference site and television for that environment, which is quite different from the generic definition of “hawks”, after a title that reads like this in literal translation, “Italy under women’s heels: this is what Meloni’s victory will mean for Russia “, you can read very clear words. “Despite the positive ideas of Meloni, who does not accept homosexual propaganda and fights for the national idea, it is not worth expecting sudden positive changes in relations with Italy”. The text then quotes the area political consultant Andrei Perla, who writes on his Telegram channel: «Friends, give up all hope of positive changes. At best (not very likely) the Italian right will truly defend the national interests of his country. What it will definitely not do is work for the interests of Russia. She will be forced to accompany all her acts with invocations on the terrible Putin and Russian aggression. No chance for something different. Europe is now hostile to Russia, all of it. As in 1854. And from this we must start ».

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