The reason for his known cardiac arrest, return in sight?

Bronny James collapsed while training with his University of South California in late July. A cardiac arrest and several days spent in the hospital for the eldest son of LeBron James. A month later, the family gave news of the young man, already seen with his father at a Drake concert, in particular giving details of his state of health.

According to a spokesperson for the Jameses, the problem is due to a congenital heart condition detected at the hospital in Los Angeles. It would be ” probable cause of the incident that occurred during a summer session with the Trojans. The family also explains that this anomaly can and will be treated: “ we are confident about returning to the grounds of Bronny in the near future “, indicates in particular the press release.

A year earlier, another USC player, Vincent Uwuchukwu, also collapsed during training before returning to competition in January. Bronny James is presented as one of the prospects likely to be drafted in the first round in 2024. His father has several times mentioned the possibility – and even his wish – of playing with his son, without however specifying whether he intended to evolve in the same team as him in the NBA.

Bronny had had heart tests recently, everything was fine

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