The Reasons Why Sol Pérez’s Boyfriend Asked Him to Delete the Photos With Him From Her Instagram

Sol Pérez

The actress admitted that the summer scandals in Mar del Plata and the exhibition influenced the couple.

Sol Pérez’s summer season in Mar del Plata was far from peaceful. The scandal she had with Monica Farro affected her private life and resulted in a crisis with her boyfriend Guido Mazzoni.

In “Intruders”, she herself admitted this couple storm and explained why her boyfriend asked her not to have photos of him on her Instagram.

“I didn’t delete them from the photos, I filed them because she decided to delete himself from the networks because she doesn’t really want to be. She chose that and that’s fine. She never really liked the exhibition,” she said.

When asked about overexposure and the little time they have to be together, Pérez added: “Yes, it affected us a lot as a couple. She does not want to know anything about the exhibition, it was very sudden because suddenly I brought him to a Theater season in Mar del Plata.



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