The Red Bull boss couldn’t stand it. He had to apologize for his words

Christian Horner harshly commented on the behavior of one of the track officials who contributed to the penalty for Max Verstappen in the Qatar Grand Prix. The head of the Red Bull was summoned to the judges’ rug for his demeanor.

Łukasz Kuczera

Łukasz Kuczera

Christian Horner

Press materials / Red Bull / Pictured: Christian Horner

Christian Horner was called to the judging room after the Qatar GP after he was accused of violating the International Sporting Code and damaging the reputation of the FIA ​​and officials. The Briton found himself in dire straits, after he commented quite sharply at Sky Sports on the attitude of one of the functionaries in qualifying for the Qatar GP.

The Red Bull Racing boss commented on the end of qualifying as the official waved double yellow flags as Max Verstappen passed. The Dutchman ignored them and was penalized five places at the start of the race.

During an interview with the judges, Horner apologized for criticizing the official in a television interview. “I think there were some comments during our earlier conversation when I was asked about judges and officials … I think they are doing a great job,” said the Red Bull boss at Sky Sports after he had interviewed the judges.

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– The functionaries show up for free and do a great job. My words were out of frustration. Not from function decisions, but more from circumstances. I apologize if anyone has been touched by my statement. It is still frustrating that this situation has caught up with us, ‘added Horner.

Verstappen was relegated from second to seventh to the Qatar GP due to a penalty. In the race, however, the Red Bull driver was able to recover the lost distance fairly quickly. As a result, he kept the lead in the overall Formula 1 standings, but his lead over Lewis Hamilton was reduced to 8 points.

– I spoke to the FIA. I apologized because if I offended someone it was not my intention. My frustration was not with a specific functional. It was a situation where one car passed without the yellow flags. Another one got single yellow flags, the Verstappen one got double. There was an inconsistency there, explained the Red Bull boss.

As part of his penance, Horner offered to attend the international training of flight attendants and functionaries scheduled for February 2022. The FIA ​​accepted this proposal.

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