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This Tuesday is August 1st. There is just over a month left in the transfer window, and on behalf of the Red Devils, we are taking our time…

Last June, Domenico Tedesco took on 24 Red Devils to face Austria and Estonia. The selection was reversed due to the absence of several players, including Kevin De Bruyne, Amadou Onana, Koen Castells, but also several U21s sent to the Euros (Lavia, Debast, De Ketelair, Bakayoko).

Counting the “big” out of these 24 Devils in June and adding the aforementioned brand absentees, more than a dozen may still change clubs – or should be seriously considering doing so – by early September. Add to this those who were absent because they had to find more time to play, and you get a busy and anxious table…

Koen Castilles…and Arnaud Bodart may still go on

While waiting for Courtois case to be settled, Red Devils have new number 1 coen castilles, His case is not the most worrying, but the rumors send him especially to Serie A: if he opts for a new challenge, it will be expected that he will win immediately. Arnaud Bodart is also free to find another club, but will not be recalled if Castells returns to selection.

face out
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Belgian foxes must find a solution soon

relegated last June, the Belgians descended from Leicester City after a disastrous season that saw it foxes be demoted. Youri Tielemans has already found his partner and we are quite optimistic about him as Aston Villa looks like a good option. but for wout face And Timothy CastagneImportant holders, this is urgent: all Premier League clubs have resumed their preparations, and they are gearing up for the start of the season in the Championship.

thomas meunier case

And if Castagne has concerns, it is also because the man he replaces at right-back is scrambling to find home base. Looking for a new challenge, but also looking for a club that will pay him a salary comparable to what he was getting at Dortmund, thomas miller Patiently Waits: After receiving Tedesco’s support for his first selection, his choices will determine whether or not he becomes a full Red Devil again.

thomas miller

Will the new generation be able to cross a level?

absent in june amadou onana And Romeo Lavia Ready to become an important office bearer in the near future. Onana already seems inevitable. We thought he was bound to find a big club this summer, but the rumors about him are silent. At least he is starting and important at Everton, and not moving on would be a reasonable option.

Romeo Lavia
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A little less about Romeo Lavia: he will leave Southampton, that’s for sure. And it should be for Liverpool. But even there, at the age of 19, the importance of preparing to live up to its new colors was real; The risks he will have to apply forceps himself when the championship resumes.

Could Thorgan Hazard return?

Will Belgium’s selection now go on forever without the two threats? Eden has retired from international duty, but Thorgan was also absent in June…and his position does not bode well for upward mobility. After 6 tough months at PSV Eindhoven, he will likely change his tune by September, but it remains to be seen where and with what he will be able to convince Tedesco.


is the person who took advantage of the opportunity in his absence dodi lubakio… and he will also change clubs (Hertha being demoted), but already in June was hoping that a solution would be found for the start of summer preparations. It’s not, and it’s totally cool…

leave matching, and quickly

Another Belgian colony would have to collapse: the colony of AC Milan. charles de kettelier This is the most obvious case: We hope he finds a club that will give him more playing time between now and September, otherwise, it will be difficult to gain much importance with the Devils. aster vranx He isn’t Milani already, since he’s back from his loan: Tedesco clearly appreciates him, and his choice will be crucial.

by Ketelair

Divock Origin It seems we’re so far from selection we’ve almost forgotten about him, but he too will change tune this summer… and rumors of him being shipped off to Saudi Arabia don’t make us too optimistic. Finally, Alexis Celemakers He was most sure of his place in Milan, but at 12 midnight in September he is still not quite sure of being in the San Siro…

Yannick Carrasco, Arab in the worst of times?

Yannick Carrasco There is now an undisputed starter with the Red Devils, and it looked like everything was going for the best of the best in the world. If there was to be a departure, it was to FC Barcelona, ​​and it’s hard to be selective about the idea.

Yannick Carrasco

But now… Carrasco is strongly quoted in Saudi Arabia. There have reportedly been talks between the Atletico Madrid winger and Al-Shabaab. And he would still be a sporting tile for Tedesco.

Lukaku: resign

re Romelu LukakuAlmost everything has already been written: we just have to wait for the official confirmation that the Red Devil and his entourage have ruined everything, and the top scorer in the history of Belgian football will indeed move to Saudi Arabia only 30 years Age of

lukaku romelu
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The only consolation is that Lukaku is a great professional, and unless there is a big surprise, he will continue to score goals in the Saudi sands… And in selection? Tedesco hopes so. Or hope that Lois Openda will cross Leipzig level in fourth gear.

Other Red Devils likely to switch clubs: Albert Sambi Lokonga, Dennis Prat, Zeno Debast, Mike Treasure, Jeremy Doku, Olivier Damon…

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