The Reflection of Salma Hayek When She Fed Penelope Cruz at the Oscars

Salma Hayek

The actresses were hungry and they fixed it with caviar.

Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz could not miss the headlines that flood the news about the expected Oscar Awards night.

Both the beautiful Salma and Almodóvar’s favorite looked like goddesses in the red carpet event, but no matter how glamorous the hunger exists, it is a common good.

It was time to shine with her charming presence and, apart from choosing the best look,  the legendary actress went with her accomplice to quench hunger. 

And what better than filling the stomach with good caviar. Both the Hollywood star and Cruz shared their dish very closely and of course, the image went to Instagram.

Something that attracted a lot of attention in the image was the reflection of the renowned actress when sharing the dish with her colleague, opening her mouth while sharing her spoon.

Although Hayek and Cruz did not present together as in a past version of the Oscars, both presented in this 92nd edition and were very happy to share the night together.

The truth is that seeing Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz in a photo like this not only causes grace and some tenderness but also falls in love twice.



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