The reggaeton conspiracy!

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Do you hear this moral chaos? This apology for drugs and misogyny? This barely disguised domination strategy of the financial and transculturizing elites?

Because for the Attorney General of Venezuela, Tarek William Saab, that’s reggaeton! And 200 personalities, including the former president of Radio Nationale, have just joined him in his crusade against a genre that would constitute a threat to our children!

From now on, the directors of nursery schools and primary schools where students dance to reggaeton may be prosecuted. Watch out for the end of year shows! The objective is to prevent the broadcast of reggaeton in public spaces where toddlers could hear it…

Like a supermarket for example, where Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, aka Bad Bunny, was still responsible for putting away his customers’ groceries in 2016. Since then, the prince of Puerto Rican reggaeton has become the most listened to artist in the world on the platform Spotify (18 billion streams in 2022), and on the front page of October’s Vanity Fair magazine, he formalizes his relationship with the princess of Instagram, the model Kendall Jenner, and her almost 300 million subscribers…

Is this proof that reggaeton has become this plot by international financial elites to “dissolve the family”, as the Attorney General of Venezuela claims? I do not believe. No, logically, it is above all proof that we are dealing with a new musical movement of great magnitude, and not just a fashionable sound… That of the history of musical censorship!

Before reggaeton it was jazz, then rock, rap, techno, or even metal which, just before becoming major musical trends, were accused of leading young people astray. Thug music, dangerous music, and blatantly sub-music: reggaeton ticks just about every box. And more. As Bad Bunny said in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El País : “We despise three categories of music: that made in Spanish, that designed for dancing, and that signed by artists who come from poor backgrounds”

Caught between the moral crusade of certain Latin countries (Venezuela, but also Mexico or Cuba) and a certain European-centric “musical” class contempt: reggaeton has everything to last!

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