The region in China, and imposes a quarantine, and raises fears of a second wave of infection for the new coronavirus | Coronavirus


The government of Henan has ruled that no one can get out of the region-of-Gem, which has an estimated 600 thousand people, without their permission. In addition to this, the residents can’t leave their houses unless they obtain permission.

Data from china showed that the number of cases Covid-as many as 19 in the country and came back. For this reason, the closure of a Jia, reinforces the fear that the contagions of the new coronavirus likely to go through a second and third wave of the after the falls in the diagnosis.

In the province of Henan confirmed case in the city of Luohe on Saturday. The local authorities said that the infected person has come in contact with the two doctors Conducting the two have tested positive for the new coronavirus even if they have no symptom of the Covid-19.

A pandemic of a new coronavirus, began in China in December, with the the early records of the city of xi’an. According to the Johns Hopkins University, the number of reported cases of Covid-as many as 19 in the country in east asia that passes for 82 billion, with more than 3 thousand deaths — the total has already exceeded the deterioration of the contagions in Europe, particularly in Spain and Italy.

However, intelligence officials in the United States say that China has hidden the true number of cases Covid-19, reported news agency Bloomberg. The White House has not confirmed the information.

China has reported that it will track the cases symptoms of the new coronavirus. To see more in the VIDEO below.

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