The Regions: “There are no doctors, just a limited number for Medicine”. Minister Mass: “Necessary limit but now news”

Enough limited number to the medical faculties, “if there are no doctors it means that the training system does not work and mortifies hundreds of young people who are unable to access”. To return to the subject, which has always been debated, is today the Lazio Regional Health Councilor Alessio D’Amato but for some time many governors – Toti, Musumeci, Zaia, the Councilor for Health Luca Coletto in Umbria to name but a few – ask with insistence the abolition of the closed number.
For the president of Crui, Ferruccio Resta, “it is not a limited number problem but you need the courage to plan and to invest in the priorities”.

«The model must be rethought – says d’Amato to ANSA – it is time to abolish the limited number at the Faculty of Medicine. It is necessary to review the modalities of access to the faculty, raising the bar in the second year for deserving students, as happens in other European countries “.
For the commissioner «The government in office has made an important effort to increase the specialization grants but now we need a step forward, in order not to limit the chances of thousands of young people who every year try to enter Medicine. What do we do with the high standards of attendance we have if doctors are not found and those who are are paid less than the rest of Europe? The theme is to have a homogeneous European training system; I don’t understand why what is done in France cannot be done in Italy. So we end up mortifying the aspiration of thousands of young people who end up going to study abroad and at the same time we don’t have the necessary number of doctors: we all get lost ».
In recent days, the UDC Senator Antonio De Poli also argued that it is “essential to review the training system by canceling the limited number of medical faculties. Only in this way by eliminating the bottleneck will we be able to untie the knot of training and do it with serious planning that responds to the needs of the territories “.

Mass, limited number of Medicine necessary but now news

“From the academic year 2022-2023 there will already be a big change to access the medical faculty: no longer a single date, but a path that allows children from the fourth grade to prepare, self-evaluate and be able to try several times during the course of year the test “: the Minister of University and Research, Maria Cristina Messa told ANSA.” The limited number is necessary, to maintain high quality, both in the case of a selection at the entrance and in the case of ” barrier “in the second year of university, as happens in France”, he adds.

“In a system like ours, with programmed access and an accompanying path, students are given the opportunity to test themselves, to try the test several times, costs are reduced, uniformity is guaranteed to national level and an adequate ratio between the number of teachers and children, as well as spaces, classrooms and laboratories “; explains the minister Mass. In cases of ‘barriers’ in the second year – as proposed by some regions -” there is the advantage of free initial enrollment, but there are higher costs for families, a lower uniformity in the training received and a high difference in the selection, with about 70% of students who after the first year, not being able to access the second, they find they have to choose other paths not without difficulty », Mass points out.
«What we have worked on in Italy and on which we can continue to improve is the path, the orientation that leads to access to university, as well as the definition of the needs. If we talk about the lack of doctors, however – specifies the minister – what we are paying today was a program of the past of only 9,000 admitted per year to Medicine compared to almost 16,000 total currently foreseen and about 5,000 scholarships per year for the specialization schools. Today there are over 13,000 places for postgraduates, a program that we have stabilized with Minister Speranza also for the future and which follows the peak of 17,000 last year with which we almost canceled the training funnel that had been created “, he concludes. the holder of the department of the University.

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