‘The relationship was complicated’


On Monday, the same day that you complete the 8 years of the death of a Chico Anysio Bowl to Alice, the widow of the comedian, gave an interview to the channel “On the Tin”, to Antônia Fontenelle, speaking for the first time about the annulment of the will to the former husband. A writer and a business woman, 50 years old, told the story of how he was in the ratio of B to Alice, and the interpretation of Their Figure, “the School’s Teacher, Maria, with her father. For those who don’t know the name of the Cloud has been left out of the sharing of the goods of the actress.

There was a lot more complicated. I was married to Chico for a 14 years old, and at that time they had a five -, six -, or seven-times that of the Cloud go away. He is involved in something that is in the father and the brothers had done it and it is good, I didn’t speak to anyone,” said Bowl.

She also noted that the Ro did not attend the funeral of his father, “they were very upset about it. They called him, because his father was about to die. It didn’t come out and say, ‘what the father had already been dead for a long time. When his father died, and he didn’t come, on the farm of his father, he did not come in the mass of the seventh day, he didn’t show up. In the mass, in one month, he was very angry with my secretary, who has left a message for him,” she says.

Bowl he recalled, as Chico Anysio referred to the Ro, Though this relationship is complicated, he loved them to the Cloud. “It seemed that the Cloud was the son of the talented professional that he had.”

She believes that Chico took the name of the son, the will, and in a moment of impulsiveness, when the comedian was admitted to a hospital.

“He was angry with B for some reason and it’s called the executor is incompetent, and commanded that they should take the child to the last will and testament. Three months after making this will, of Chico went to the intensive care unit, and he was gone. I’m sure that if Chico and I had lived for more than a year, it would have been different,” she says, telling him that the child was when they learned that his name is not included in the last will and testament.

The division of the equity

The executor of the will, Malga di Paula’s account of the interview with Chico, left her assets to her and to the intellectual heritage to all the parents of six children. “I haven’t the faintest idea of what it’s really worth,” he said. Bowl he did not speak to the children of the actress since the death of the husband, and he confirmed that the presenter, Silvio Santos, arrived on the provide, at the time,$ 70 million by the intellectual heritage of Chico.

Malga di Paula talked about is the last will and testament of Chico Anysio on the programme 'In the can'
Malga di Paula talked about is the last will and testament of Chico Anysio on the programme ‘In the can’ Photo: Playback/Youtube

The manager explained that the court has asked for the annulment of the last will and testament of Chico Anysio, for two reasons: because it did not appear in the name of the Cloud as one of the heirs and also I found that Chico had left, more than 50% of their assets to it. It calls into question the judgement:

“It is an absurdity to this award. The judge says that he is cancelling it because Chico had left, more than 50% of their assets to me…. As he (the judge) is known, the expert has not evaluated his work. Chico’s has left the frame of it for me. How does the judge know the value of these paintings? He doesn’t know the value of nothing.”

About the apartment, valued at$ 7 million, which she used to live with Chico Anysio, in Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de janeiro Bowl says that the fight in court in order to be entitled to the property, which was in his name prior to the division of property, and that it was given by Chico’s life for her.

“Why is it that these damn these kids want half of the room? They forget about all the rest of it. The intellectual heritage so that they are not worth anything?”, question Bowl at the interview.

Nizo Neto, a and B, of the Paula, they are the sons of Chico Anysio
Nizo Neto, a and B, of the Paula, they are the sons of Chico Anysio’s Photo on File TV Globo

Asked for an EXTRA Lug, said it will not comment on the matter. “I don’t want to place (so to speak), it’s not. Thank you. You can post whatever you want,” he said, after a question about what it had to do with the decision of the Justice, and tell you that you “don’t like the media.”

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