The results spark confusion: AI reveals what ‘perfect beauty’ men and women look like

A group of people with different physical characteristics. | Photo: Getty Images

In recent months, thanks to the support of artificial intelligence (AI), netizens have had the opportunity to interact with different digital platforms that can provide different services.

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One example is the ChatGPT chatbot, which is able to answer different questions, solve complex mathematical operations, and even provide advice on financial education, travel, and even romantic topics. On the other hand, platforms like MidJourney or Bing Image Creator allow you to generate highly realistic illustrations based on users’ text descriptions.

Therefore, users can resort to different artificial intelligences for appropriate interpretation of queries raised through chatbots.

Recently, a group of people decided to conduct an experiment using artificial intelligence in an image generation platform in an attempt to obtain representations of “ideal beauty” for men and women.

AI renders what a perfect woman would look like. | Photo: Illustration generated by AI Bing Image Creator

In order to achieve this goal, Midjourney, DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion and other tools are used as means to obtain various images and interpret the “perfect” appearance that humans should have in an artificial intelligence way.

The stakes are on whether artificial intelligence agrees to generate illustrations showing men and women with perfectly wrinkle-free skin, perfect noses, full lips and chiseled features.

Those in charge of the experiment decided to generate the images using as a reference a series of photos available on the Internet, selected according to different criteria so that the artificial intelligence could generate illustrations based on these photos.

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