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For anyone who was a teenager in the 2000s, Juicy Couture immediately brings back atmospheres from mean girls, Paris Hilton in pink velvet jumpsuit with crystal logo on the back, the bridesmaids of Britney Spears of Juicy dressed for the wedding with Kevin Federline in 2004 and a lot of other unforgettable moments related to the pop culture of those years. Simpler times. Times in which what would soon become the epitome of the “tamarro” lived its heyday. “Shining” was the key word: glitter, sequins, satin, colored velvet, various knick-knacks around the neck, wrists and ankles, diamond piercings on the exposed navel, bronze and shiny skin, it was literally everything. And Juicy Couture, with its soft textures with shiny reflections and the glittering accents fit perfectly into the horizon of sense – and into the aesthetic taste – of those years: it rhymed with MTV programs like My Sweet Sixteen and the first episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians (also because Kim, then BFF of Paris, was among the first promoters of the trend of which she still shows nostalgia), with the outfits mix & match cobbled together at the Disney Channel dressed in beads, calf-length leggings worn under skirts and dresses, various frills and games of layering meaningless. Before it arrived Gossip Girl to bring back the gravitational center of trends from Hollywood to the East Coast giving new luster to the preppy/collegiate/bon ton style, chenille overalls were essential in the wardrobe trendy girl (there is no more dated term that better expresses the concept) like the Burberry-style check accessoriesof the hearts of Tiffany’sof the platform and of low life. If by putting the fragments together the puzzle doesn’t seem so distant from yours feeds of Instagram is because it Y2K style in recent years it has established itself above any other trend, so much so that sometimes we seem to relive it in a continuous loop. Even the Barbiecorerecently voted by Lyst’s annual report as trends of 2022comes from that period and, in fact, goes hand in hand with Juicy Couture.

we will go back to wearing juicy couture

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In fact, all of the report is pretty much a confirmation of the rampant revival of the 2000s: the two brands that in recent seasons have pushed the Y2K aesthetic to the nth degree with super mini skirts and ultra-low waists – Miu Miu and Diesel – respectively win the title of brand and logo of the year, the bag of the year is the Prada Re-Edition 2000a remake of the iconic hobo-style model originating from those years, the Birkenstock Boston – popular in the 90s and 2000s – is the shoe of the year with 593% more online searches and Paris Hilton which closes the Versace Spring Summer 2023 show in total pink earned the brand an increase of 2000% in searches. Impressive data, which demonstrate that the phenomenon is now in the hands of the masses. Many of the trends that for years we have cursed we never want to see come back now dominate social media, the street and the catwalks, Juicy Couture just completes the picture.

Today’s supermodels are pushing this wave with their style that is a mix of contemporary street style and nostalgia, girliness and sensuality: Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Lili-Rose Depp, Gigi Hadidbut especially his sister Bella Hadid – between celebs most influential of our time, so much so that a study by Karla Otto defines “Beautiful Effect” that phenomenon for which the involvement of the model in a fashion show in the last year has ended up representing alone 29% (on average) of the media value of a brand. Is Bella a huge fan of the 90s and 2000s? The whole world follows suit, it’s practically automatic. And, not surprisingly, already in 2018 the model had made headlines for making an appearance at the prom of Oceanside High School in New York wearing just one Juicy black tracksuit. Since then, there have been other appearances in tracksuits, more often than not in velvet nostalgic vein of the Naughties. Love for the 2000s runs in the family: in the past Gigi chose one trucksuit by Juicy Couture studded with Swarovski crystals even for her birthday party.

we will go back to wearing juicy couture

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Founded in 1995 by two friends Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor, the brand had to fill a market gap by offering comfortable clothing with a “luxurious” allure at the same time. But fame came only in 2001when Juicy launched the iconic velor tracksuit at a retail price of $155, going well beyond its initial goal and eventually becoming the symbol of an era. Britney Spears, Beyonce, Lindsay Lohan, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Albaeven Madonna and naturally, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashianin zero time the covers of all tabloid they shout Juicy Couture. Business is so good that in 2006 the brand also launches a line of fragrances, which naturally became a hit, culminating in 2008 when Juicy Couture recorded 605 million sales. Sara the song of the swan, because shortly after the recession will push most shoppers to opt for a more understated aesthetic by abandoning the excesses of the early 2000s to the point of labeling them as some of the worst fashion crimes ever committed (which we now love to repeat). By 2014 Juicy Couture had already closed all of their stores. It’s interesting that right today, at the dawn of a new recessionwe returned to take refuge in this Y2K aesthetic that probably in some cave of our subconscious we associate with more carefree times in more than one respect.

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In reality, however, on closer inspection the dark years did not last long for the brand, which it had already been laying the foundations for a great comeback for some time. In the 2017 had collaborated with vetements – among the most influential brands of the moment – ​​and who better than Kylie Jenner And Rihanna to slip back into velor to revive the trend? In the 2022 by the unexpected collaboration between the Scandinavian brand Ganni and Juicy Couture a capsule of 13 pieces is out, perfect for a sunny afternoon of shopping in Beverly Hills. “Juicy is theepitome of west coast fabulousness and Ganni embodies the Scandi 2.0 style, full of contrasts and personality. I think there is something unexpected about the juxtaposition of the two brands that makes it work and feel fun and fresh,” Ganni creative director Ditte Reffstrup explained to Vogue UK upon launch, recalling the impact Juicy Couture had on her in her twenties. The latest news is the collaboration with Stones Clover Lane, a brand founded in 2009 by sisters Kendall and Libby Glazer, who starting from homemade bracelets have built up a real business, expanding the offer to bags and travel accessories and doubling their turnover in 2022. Consider the recent collaborations with Hello Kitty, Disney and The Beverly Hills Hotel, Juicy Couture is a natural choice. “When we were teenagers, we were obsessed with anything signed Juicyfrom the colors, the clothes, the shops, to the brand and the icons,” Kendall Glazer told wwd to introduce the capsule consisting of 20 pieces including bags, backpacks and clutches, all made of velvet in the colors that have made Juicy Couture tracksuits iconic: Malibu green, Beverly Hills pink and Hollywood brown.

Bringing back the iconic brands of the 2000s that we now considered archived is also theinflation of thrifting – not exempt from the incessant rhythms of hyperconsumerism between spasmodic video hauls and vlogs of one’s raids on vintage shops -. For a real dive into a parallel past populated by Bratz wannabes at the perfect cross between Rory Gilmore and Regina George, take a tour on the social networks of theinfluencers Lara Adkins or search TikTok for #juicycouture to see waves of consumers go crazy if they come across the brand during a vintage shopping session or get inspired to reinterpret the trend in a modern way.

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