the review of the DLC Le Ombre di Rose

Content within the Gold Edition of Resident Evil Village (here the review of Resident Evil Gold Edition), which will allow you to experience the journey of Ethan Winters in third personas well as taking part in the struggles for the life of The Mercenaries Additional Missionsthe most awaited of all was certainly The Shadows of Roses, the DLC placed at the end of the Winters saga starring the brave Rosemary, daughter of Ethan and Mia. Well, now that we have concluded the adventure, we are ready to talk to you about it in detail and to explain why – although it has been able to give us moments of lively tension – it has not managed to hit us completely, especially by virtue of the interesting imagery at the base of the seventh and of the eighth chapter of the series.

An immersion in the dark

Long years have passed since the events of Resident Evil Village – which is absolutely necessary to recover in case you want to play this DLC – and Rose Winters is now a teenager struggling with a difficult life. On the one hand there is the possibility of joining Chris Redfield’s anti-bioterrorism mission and on the other there remains what is a bitter everyday life, full of insults and marginalization: if for some they are a gift, for the young Winters the prodigious skills constitute a curse of her who ardently dreams of breaking.

When offered by K, a member of the Redfield organization, Rose voluntarily chooses to embrace the nightmare, to make a dangerous descent into the deeper levels of the world. Megamicete mold net which, hosting within it the consciences of innumerable individuals, should conceal the key to cure his illness.

Awakened in the dungeons of a castle inhabited by monsters hungry for souls, the rotting minions of a evil version of the Duke of Village, she also runs into some frightened and identical girls, being seized by a terror that begins to envelop her like the black mud that is slowly devouring the basement of the ancient structure. Just in the darkest moment, however, the girl finds a mysterious ally and, demonstrating great fortitude, he decides to continue to reach the desired goal.

Without revealing anything else on the events narrated in The Shadows of Rose – supported by a writing sometimes over the top even for a Resident Evil – know that the questions that arise at the beginning of this journey of the nightmare will find clear answers to its conclusion, although not all of them satisfied us equally. Between twists and turns enough phoned and a couple of missed opportunities, linked to two specific characters of the story, the plot fails to return the feeling of actually exploring a “network of consciences” because, net of the premises, it ends up really focusing only on the figure of Rose .

That said, there is no shortage of more successful moments, sometimes even on an emotional levelwhich will almost certainly be appreciated by those who are passionate about the trend born with Resident Evil 7 (to find out more, refer to the Resident Evil 7 Biohazard review).

The many pitfalls in the mold network

Just as it will be possible to do in the base game thanks to the Winters Expansion, the approximately three and a half hours it takes to find the light at the end of the dark tunnel of The Shadows of Rose is lived with a third person viewwhich allowed us to admire the Dimitrescu castle and the other scenarios from a different perspective.

Indeed, the fact of not being able to see some surfaces too closely – let’s think for example of the bricks of the dungeons, not without some “simplification” – only gives an extra touch to what remains a visual presentation of great caliber, which it rests on a skilful artistic direction and a high level global lighting. Even in the most excited moments, with several fungal monsters on the screen and slime everywhere, the frame rate remained free of hesitation, to the advantage of the pleasantness of the action, which we will talk about shortly. Without going into specifics, almost all the settings that are the theater for the events narrated in the DLC have been recovered from Resident Evil Village, with the intention of stage various types of horror. The tension generated by the section at the Dimitrescu residence, for example, plays on explicit terror – which becomes flesh – and is based as much on the fights against the creatures born from the liquids of the Megamicete, as on the desperate escapes or the need to crouch and hide, the the only viable choices in the face of an unstoppable and towering threat.

Well, also thanks to it the clever “balancing” of powers of the protagonist, this is precisely the phase of the DLC that managed to instill in us the seed of tension, certainly more than the one based on psychological horror, which in the face of a couple of unquestionably good ideas thrives on ups and downs, think for example of its extended duration in a somewhat artificial way.

Equipped with a pair of weapons linked to a shooting system with a staid pace – with fungal enemies who are also tough and insidious, given their convulsive and rather rapid movements – the inexperienced Rose he must resort to his talents to survive and prevent the horrid beings from being able to suck out her soul.

In a way that we prefer not to reveal to you, the protagonist begins to become aware of its power and expand its possibilities, not failing to take on particular plants to recharge it. Well, with the “gift of hers” she is able to slow down and much the movements of the opponents, both to target them more easily with the bullets of his gun, and to escape when necessary. In this regard, if in possession of at least one core of energy, the young woman can spend it to free herself from the deadly grip of a fungal abomination, and then react with her firearm.

There is no shortage of homemade bombs or some sporadic abundance in terms of collectable ammunition but as the developers have been able to wisely dose the amount of usable power in the heart of the game experience, they have managed to keep intact its ability to make the player feel in danger. player during the fights. In terms of battles, while the first boss fight proved to be sufficiently well built, the rest failed to go beyond the boundaries of the narrative dimension alone, turning out to be milder than we expected. Promoted is instead the gimmick of the Megamicete nuclei, which infest various settings and block the passage to Rose, with all the consequences of the case both during exploration and in much more anxious situations. The fact that the young woman has to take a few seconds to dry them out and then clear the road in front of her – perhaps hoping not to be seen or reached by her assailants – it favors the onset of tension.

Based on the interaction with elements of the scenario or on the correct insertion of objects in certain rooms, the puzzles are anything but complex but are effectively interspersed with the action and represent a pleasant element of the package.

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