The risk of hospitalization is lower with Omikron

Such information was provided on Wednesday by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI). According to the AFP agency, the Norwegians thus confirmed the assessment that the Omikron seems to be less dangerous than the previous variants.

Omicrons me more dangerous than Delta

“Preliminary analysis of Norwegian data suggests that the risk of hospitalization with COVID-19 as the main cause is 69 percent lower with the Omikron variant compared to infections caused by the Delta variant,” FHI wrote in its weekly report.

“The Omikron variant presents a significantly lower risk of developing severe disease in infected persons than the Delta variant, at least for vaccinated persons,” emphasizes the FHI.

Restrictions in Norway

The institute notes, however, that another winter wave of infections is expected in Scandinavia, which will be a heavy burden for the health service. According to the predictions of FHI, from January to March, “several hundred thousand” people may be infected, and the daily increase may reach up to 50,000 infections.

In the face of the relapse of the epidemic in Norway in mid-December, the country’s government restored epidemic restrictions, including a ban on the sale of alcohol in bars and restaurants, and recommended teleworking where possible.

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