The robbery of Kim Kardashian in Paris: 12 people will be brought to trial!

Kim Kardashian
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Kim Kardashian experienced real moments of horror at Paris Fashion Week five years ago. Brutal thieves tied a celebrity in a hotel room, and then stole her jewelry worth nearly $ 8 million! It took a long time for Kim to recover from the events. Unfortunately, the situation will not be erased from memory. The subject of the robbery is back!

Kim Kardashian in 2016 She appeared with the sisters at the Paris Fashion Week. The celebrity is a frequent guest at this type of event, but the edition from five years ago will always remain in her memory.

Kim was then brutally attacked and robbed. She recovered for a long time and confessed in honest interviews that she was dealing with a huge trauma after those events.


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Unfortunately Kim will still be patient before she forgot about the bad moments for good. According to foreign media, only now as many as 12 people who are responsible for the attack on the celebrity will be brought to trial.

It is not known exactly when the trial will take place. The case is still pending and several robbers have been released from custody due to poor health, including 68-year-old Yunice Abbaswho some time ago decided to write a book in which he revealed that he had absolutely no idea who the victim of their gang was.

Do you think they will face a severe sentence?

The thief who assaulted Kim Kardashian in Paris has released the book. Goals will remain …

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