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Everything for the love of cars.

Every time two big stars of Hollywood have a fight the world as a whole, so things work in the industry. One of the most famous cases was the breaking of ties between Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Vin Diesel, who even came to star in a heated discussion face-to-face, fact fractured the team of Fast and Furious, but do you really weighed the absence of Diesel in the commercial success Hobbs & Shaw?

Be that as it may, this particular divorce on the big screen went through moments really tense, so remember ‘The Rock’ in an old interview with Rolling Stone: “Vin and I had some discussions, including an important face-to-face in my trailer. And I realized that we had a fundamental difference in philosophies on how we approach the making of films and the collaboration.”

And what better way to get to peace you boast of another full house, Hobbs & Shaw has exceeded the US$750 million and this always helps to clear away the bad thoughts. Through a video on Instagram posted by Johnson, thanked Universal Pictures and the team of the film by this economic goal and yes… here they began to become blurred, problems with Vin Diesel.

“I just want to thank you very much, very much. Has officially made Hobbs & Shaw not only is it a global success mass, as we just crossed $750 million dollars at the box office overall […] But also finally, but not least, I want to thank my brother Vin for your support Hobbs & Shaw.

This is a sign that the waters are now calm, this is why Dwayne Johnson has been given the task of making a long reflection on his role within the franchise of cars, the more successful of the history. Even -within the same video – you gave time to spend a few words more to Diesel.

“As you know, and what a ride so wild is this, ten years ago when you and I talked, and I invited them to the family Fast and Furious. I am grateful for that invitation, and as you know, my goal was always, during all these years, entering the world of Fast and Furious and help to elevate the franchise in any way he could.”

And this is not left only to remember its beginnings within this huge house, cars, and explosions, in this thank you message ‘The Rock’ – he took the opportunity to leave us a funny message that could be read between the lines to mention the following: “And, of course, all roads lead to one thing… I’ll see You soon, Toretto”, finished Johnson with a wink to the camera and a laugh that could not contain. Of course this opens a big picture and knowing the character of Dwayne Johnson, this without a doubt, it was a track; fans of the franchise, prepare yourself that good things are about to happen.

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