The Rock becomes the highest paid actor of all time

The Rock, also known as Dwayne Johnson, has broken records in the WWE ring and in film as well, now he’s a full-time actor.

This week, The Rock broke a new record as he became the highest paid actor of all time thanks to his upcoming film “Red One”. In fact, the project is being helmed by Amazon Studios and will be launched exclusively for Christmas and we have learned through ‘Puck’ that The Rock received US$50 million for his role in the film. 50 million is now the record for an actor’s salary in a single role for a film.

The current record was held by Robert Downey Jr in ‘Captain America’, which touched 40 million, and Will Smith in ‘King Richard’, which also touched 40 million. In Puck’s article, it is detailed that an actor is typically paid a basic salary in addition to a bonus on ticket sales at the cinema. For Amazon, things are different as there will be no theatrical release and “Red One” will be exclusively on Amazon Prime, so Amazon has decided to pay a high price to get a big Hollywood name. Apart from this, The Rock will also be in the film with Chris Evans.

For comparison, The Rock’s highest pay for a movie was “Jumanji: The Next Level” and “Red Notice”, 23.5 million each. Now it remains to be seen whether Amazon Prime’s bet will work in attracting more people.

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