The Rock joined the discussion on personal care. What’s going on in this world?

It turns out that Personal care is the hottest topic in Hollywood right now. First Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis talked about their “dirty kids”, then Jake Gyllenhall joined the discussion, admitting that he is not a fan of daily washing, which he considers simply unnecessary.

Kunis and Kutcher about their children, “We wash them when you can see dirt on them”

Now the biggest Hollywood star in the world enters the arena, i.e. Dwayne “The Rock” JohnsonWith his highest-grossing videos, his tequila is the most popular, and his Instagram followers are 259 million, more than Kim Kardashian herself.

“Not! I am the opposite of those> celebrities

While many people reacted with disgust to this growing Hollywood trend of less showering, a study by Harvard Health Publishing found that daily bathing is unnecessary and can even be harmful. In addition to drying out and irritating the skin, frequent bathing can cause infections and kill “normal bacteria”.

Jake Gyllenhaal confessed that frequent washing is not necessary

What do you say?

Dwayne The Rock, photo: Instagram @therock

Dwayne The Rock, photo: Instagram @therock

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