The Rock on the set of Red One at two in the morning. VIDEO

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The Rock, that is the superstar Dwayne Johnson, returns to share on social networks new tastes of his highly anticipated upcoming blockbuster: Red One. It is an action comedy that will arrive exclusively on the on-demand streaming platform Prime Video for Christmas 2023.

A video the actor shared on Instagram shows the work continuing unabated even at “two in the morning on a Friday night.” The film not only stars The Rock but is also produced by him (so it is understandable that he is fully and totally involved, even at two in the morning and on a Friday night in short).
Before posting this clip, some photos from the film were published showing JK Simmons as a Santa Claus Sui generis

After the failure of Black Adamsthe DC cinecomix resulted in a flop due to the excessively high production costs (although in terms of box office receipts it was still a remarkable record also with regard to the career of Dwayne Johnson, whose name is always linked to box office successes at plus zeros), the actor is probably dedicating himself body and soul to this new film, of which he is not only the protagonist but also the producer.

You can watch the video shared on Instagram by Dwayne Johnson in the post at the bottom of this article.

Red One


The Rock: Black Adam is not a priority in James Gunn’s DC universe

The film Red One features an all-star cast that also includes superstar Chris Evans. To increase the hype is the fact that there is a lot of mystery around this film: for now, the official information relating to Red One they are few and smoky (which cloaks any project with charm, word of Hollywood).
The plot is top secret and the film seems to be the first chapter of a new franchise.

The aforementioned new franchise is being described as “a revolution in the holiday comedy sub-genre.”

Lots of work commitments for The Rock


Red Notice, Netflix working on the two sequels

This is a very busy period for actor Dwayne Johnson, who will soon return to collaborate with another streaming platform, namely Netflix. For the streaming giant, The Rock will be on the set of two sequels to the action comedy Red Notice. He will then reunite with colleagues Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot.

Below you can watch the video shared on Instagram by Dwayne Johnson.

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