The Rock previews more releases in WWE


  • The Rock made a surprise return to WWE on RAW, sparking excitement and hinting at a possible match with Roman Reigns.
  • Dave Meltzer revealed that the nickname given to Reigns was strategically placed for his WrestleMania main event against The Rock.
  • While the fight has yet to be officially confirmed, a post from The Rock on Instagram suggests that the highly-anticipated matchup may be in the works.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson made a surprise return to WWE on the “Day 1” themed episode of RAW, and the wrestling world was full of expectations. The exciting moment included a matchup with Jinder Mahal, as well as teasing hints of a possible match against his cousin Roman Reigns. But The Rock’s story isn’t over yet. After the show, he teased the WWE Universe on Instagram, saying, “We’re just getting started.”

Dave Meltzer wrestling watch radio It was revealed that the origins of Reigns’ nicknames “Tribal Chief” and “Tabletop” were strategically placed to pave the way for a WrestleMania main event against The Rock. It’s no coincidence that The Rock delivered these lines on Raw. The highly-anticipated game was originally scheduled to take place in Dallas in 2022 and then Los Angeles in 2023, but later faced delays. Meltzer said the blockbuster game could eventually take place in Philadelphia in April, but that has yet to be officially confirmed. However, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s tease seems to indicate that the two sides may have reached an agreement.

The Rock responded to his return to Raw on Instagram. He wrote: “Everything works in a different way. The themes, the crowds, the connections, the reactions, the electricity, the chills – the magic. An amazing way to kick off 2024. Grateful, blessed and inspired, always be the People’s Champion,” he added : “We’re just getting started.”

A potential showdown between The Rock and Reigns would not only be a dream match for fans, but it would also be a lucrative venture for WWE. The last time The Rock had a lengthy main event match was in 2013, and Reigns is the biggest star in the industry, and they will create an unparalleled showdown. It may change from WWE’s original plans around Cody Rhodes or CM Punk, but the story of The Rock returning to the ring, the Bloodline story, and Reigns A historic WWE Universal Championship match, the perfect recipe for a landmark WrestleMania spectacle. . WWE is legitimately willing to put some other ideas aside or rejig booking to make everything work.


The Rock VS. Roman Reigns: Why this match is perfect for WWE PLE Australia

The Rock vs. Roman Reigns has long been a dream match at WrestleMania, but in 2024, it would be even better if it happened in an Elimination Chamber match.

No one has confirmed an actual match yet

While The Rock has yet to confirm the match, his Instagram post following his return to RAW sparked speculation. It seems unlikely that WWE would keep him on a big episode of Raw for so long and then continue teasing a match if the odds are against it. However, this is still just speculation until the results of the match are announced or Roman Reigns is interviewed on SmackDown.

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