The Rock talks about the arrival of his daughter to WWE

The Rock talks about the arrival of his daughter to WWE. The actor gave an interview to the Access program where he spoke of the future of their daughter in the company of Vince McMahon.

The Rock talks about the arrival of his daughter to WWE

The Rock continues to show his love and support of her daughter Simone in your new career in the world of wrestling and WWE.

Simone was signed officially by the company of Vince McMahon in the past month of February when he was 18 years old, but from 2018, the daughter of The Rock was training regularly at the Performance Center while still studying at the institute.

In an interview with the program Access yesterday, the actor spoke on how he was going to his daughter within the Performance Center and how proud he was of what he was doing until now.

I am very proud of Simone. She has been training to become a WWE (superstar) and I am very proud of her. That world is a difficult world, not only is it difficult to become pregnant, but also achieve it. It’s doubly difficult when you’re a woman. She goes there and not only show great things but also are well aware of our last name, but also has the desire to create your own path, that is the best part. She stays humble, hungry, studying all day and wants to learn. She is stubborn and likes to kick butt (in the ring)

It is still unknown when we will see the first fight of Simone Johnson within the company, since usually these first battles in front of the audience it had in the live show of NXT in the area of Florida and now all of this stopped by the Covid-19

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