The Room, the disturbing thriller film that conquered everyone: cast and plot

In the far 2019 a thriller film was released in theaters, shocking lovers of the thriller genre: it is about The Room – The room of desirefilm directed by Christian Volckman. It is a film to be recommended to anyone who wants to sit on the couch, take a deep breath and indulge in a plot full of intrigues and mysterieswhich will drag you into an experience unsettling. A room, a couple and many – perhaps too many – wishes: these are the keywords of this synopsis that will keep you on your toes from the beginning to the end of the film, in a nightmare endless that will envelop not only the protagonists, but also you spectators.

The Room – The room of desire, the plot of the extraordinary nightmare film

The Room – The room of desirefilm of the 2019 with Christian Volckman as a director, he is a must-have on the list of the most obsessed with movies thriller. There is talk of a film that makes you shiver, transporting viewers into a spiral of increasingly disturbing mysteries. But what is the film about?

The story revolves around a loving couple, Matt and Kate, have just moved into a new home, located in a rather remote location. However, this love nest is not like the others as it hides a mystery: a secret and magical room. In fact, any wish expressed within its walls is immediately granted. Soon, Kate and Matt let themselves go to this crazy discovery, making wishes come true, in a vicious circle that doesn’t only involve material goods but that goes far beyond. Indeed Kate, after having faced several miscarriages, asks what she most dreams of, a babya desire that will transform their dream of love into a real nightmare.

The Room – The room of desire: the cast of the mysterious film

In addition to the plot, the lively pace and the suspended atmosphere, the performances of the actors are also amazing. In particular, in the roles of Kate and Matt, the two protagonists, we find Olga Kurylenko And Kevin Janssens, which give us creepy performances. Among the secondary roles – but no less important – we remember Joshua Wilson, John Flanders, Francis Chapman and Marianne Bourg.

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