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The collection of two lots of the «Allegri Sapori» brand has been arranged to be returned to the shop. After the frankfurters comes a new alert about foods that could cause listeriosis. How to limit the risks and what are the symptoms

After the frankfurters, whose raw consumption has caused cases of listeriosis, and could be the cause of death of an elderly person in Alexandria, now comes a new alert regarding packets of salmon and mayonnaise sandwiches from the “Allegri Sapori” brand. The company has in fact ordered the recall from the market of batches of product no. 22952 1 and n. 22952 2, reporting – as stated on the website of the Ministry of Health – to have found the “presence of Listeria monocytogenes”. Hence the recommendation to consumers “not to consume the product, to return it to the point of sale for refund or replacement by 10/10/2022. In recent months they are four deaths seem to be linked to listeriosis and at least 66 people ended up in hospital intoxicated by the bacterium. Now with the latest alerts from the Ministry of Health which has ordered the precautionary withdrawal of some foods, listeriosis is scary again

Food at risk

There listeria monocytogenes, the bacterium responsible for listeriosis is present in nature: in water, in plants, in animals such as cattle, goats and sheep that can be carriers of the bacterium. The precise way humans become infected is unclear and the bacterium can enter the body by inhalation, or by ingestion of contaminated food. In fact, listeria tends to proliferate in foods, especially fresh ones, but at the same time it can survive on the surfaces with which contaminated foods come into contact such as containers, cutting boards, cutlery. Milk, vegetables, soft cheeses, undercooked meats or fish, slightly seasoned sausages are the foods most at risk.

The bacterium also survives in the refrigerator

The bacterium tolerates among other things salty environments and low temperatures for this it can survive even in the refrigerator, at temperatures of 2 ° and 4 °. The refrigeration at which the food is stored does not counteract its multiplication and not even its drying. The bacterium is instead inactivated by cooking the food at 72 ° for at least 15 seconds.

The vademecum to avoid risks

What to do to avoid the risks that can come from food?
– Respect the expiration date
– Maintain a refrigerator temperature below 5 °
– Keep raw foods (meats and vegetables) separate from cooked or ready-to-eat foods, stored in separate containers
– Wash the raw vegetables very well
– Do not leave perishable food at room temperature and respect the storage temperature indicated on the label – Cook food properly
– Do not prepare foods to be consumed after cooking too early (otherwise keep them in the fridge and reheat them before consumption)
– Avoid making small children eat raw meat and fish
– Wash your hands very well when handling food


Rarely, healthy adults and children develop severe disease, although sporadically they may become infected. Pregnant women, immunosuppressed, fragile subjects are more at risk. Symptoms vary according to the dose of bacterium with which contact has been made and the state of health of the subject. They range from flu-like or gastrointestinal forms, sometimes accompanied by high fever, up to septicemic forms, meningitis or abortion in subjects at risk. In the most serious cases, death occurs.

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