The Russian cosmonaut will join the crew of the Crew-5. He will fly a SpaceX capsule to the ISS

SpaceX and NASA carry out more manned missions to the ISS. Recently, Crew-2 has ended and Crew-3 has started. There are plans, however, and there is one among them Crew-5which is to take place in September next year. This time, Dragon will also be aboard the crew capsule russian cosmonaut.

The Russians send cosmonauts to the International Space Station with their own Soyuz. Until recently, these were also used by American astronauts. However, Roscosmos has established cooperation with NASA and this has found a place for one Russian on board the capsule that will take part in the Crew-5 mission.

Crew Dragon

Photo: SpaceX

Crew Dragon

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So a cosmonaut of Roscosmos will join the crew now consisting of three astronauts. These are Nicole Aunapu Mann and Josh A. Cassada (both from NASA) and Koichi Wakata (from JAXA). The name of the Russian is not known yet and we will get to know it over time.

The collaboration between Roscosmos and NASA on Crew-5 will not end. The Russian agency plans to send its own man to the International Space Station in Dragonie by SpaceX also on the occasion of the mission Crew-6 planned for 2023.

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