“The Russian invasion will trigger devastating sanctions.” USA warns Russia

Victoria Nuland, US deputy secretary of state, informed about the financial consequences of the Russian aggression.

What we are talking about will, in fact, amount to a complete isolation of Russia from the global financial system with all the consequences that this will entail for Russian business, for the people of Russia, for their opportunities to work, travel, trade – she said at the meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Senate.

Honestly, it’s hard to understand why Russia should conduct a military operation when its citizens are suffering from the coronavirus, rather than rebuilding their country Nuland added.

The head of the commission, Bob Mendez, also spoke about the painful consequences for Russia of possible aggression against Ukraine, who stated that “the Russian invasion will trigger devastating economic sanctions like never before “

The Russian banking sector will be destroyed. The sovereign debt will be blocked. Russia will be disconnected from the SWIFT payment system and currency exchange. Sectoral sanctions will cripple the Russian economy – he warned.

Russia’s reaction

Assistant to the President of Russia, Yuri Ushakov, announced that during a conversation between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden There was no question of such sanctions at all.

The US president spoke about possible sanctions, and our president spoke about what the Russian side needs, that the sanctions are not new, they have been adopted for a long time, but unfortunately they have no positive effect either for the United States or for Russia – He said.

On the other hand Senator Vladimir Jabarov, the first vice-chairman of the Federation Council’s International Affairs Committee, laughed at the American threat to disconnect Russia from the SWIFT system in a conversation with the Russian TASS agency.

When it comes to disconnecting from SWIFT, it’s an absolute fantasy. The world economy, the world payment system will not stand it, because Russia is a huge country, a great partner for many other countries. I cannot imagine how, for example, Germany, in suitcases and bags, will transport money to Russia for the supplied gas. How to pay? In cash or through banks Jabarov mocked.

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