The Russian Ministry of National Defense confirms that there is already a significant amount of “peacekeepers” in Kazakhstan

2022-01-09 07:29

2022-01-09 07:29

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The Russian defense ministry confirmed on Sunday that there are already significant Russian forces in Kazakhstan, sent there as part of the Collective Security Treaty Organization. “Units of the peace contingent have begun to fulfill the tasks of protecting important facilities in Kazakhstan,” the Ministry of National Defense in Moscow reported.

“Units from the Russian peace contingent that previously arrived on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan began to fulfill their assigned tasks of protecting important facilities – airports and key social infrastructure facilities,” wrote the Russian ministry in a press release.

It was specified that Russian military equipment and personnel were transported around the clock from Russia to Kazakhstan in 70 Il-76 and five An-124 planes.

Moreover, according to the Russian ministry, the air force units and the 45th Independent Spetsnaz Brigade of the Airborne Forces are still being transferred to Kazakhstan.

“Airborne troops with standard equipment and weapons fly military transport planes from airports in the Moscow and Ivanovo region to the Zhetygen and Almaty airports,” the Russian Ministry of Defense reported.

On January 6, Kazakhstan’s president, Kasym-Żomart, Tokayev asked the Collective Security Treaty Organization (ODKB) for military support to quell the protests in the country that broke out in the wake of fuel price increases.

Armenia, Belarus, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan have also sent their “peacekeepers” to Kazakhstan, in addition to Russia.

As emphasized by the Russian Ministry of National Defense in a press release, “the main tasks of the peacekeeping forces will be to protect important state and military facilities, to help the public order forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan stabilize the situation and restore it to the legal order”. (PAP)

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