The Russians will enter the Polish energy market? The president of Orlen explains that he sold Lotos petrol stations to Hungarian MOL

  • for oil supplies,
  • cooperation in the field of research and development
  • joint analyzes of investments in the petrochemical area.

President Daniel Obajtek was asked on Saturday on RMF whether there is a risk that the Russians are behind the contracts with Saudi Aramco.


You can always scare Russians, but the three agreements we signed do not show the Russian direction, he said.

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Obajtek: we do not sell the entire refinery in Gdańsk

“It is not a matter of selling the entire refinery, it is not a matter of selling the entirety of Lotos, it is a matter of 30% of the Gdańsk refinery. We had to meet remedial conditions to merge the companies. We have to build a powerful multi-energy company, which will have revenues of PLN 200 billion, because only such a company can carry out the energy transformation in Poland. Lotos itself does not have such a possibility and we cannot run the economy in such a way that sooner or later the bankruptcy trustee will come and take over these plants, because they will be unprofitable “- he assessed.


Obajtek argued that “Thanks to this decision, Lotos saved and we actually saved the Polish economybecause today alternative fuels will cost, the transformation will cost. “

Obajtek was asked if there was any danger that in some time MOL would “let Russians into the Polish energy market through its back door”.

It is not possible. We are secured by contracts, I cannot fully disclose the provisions of the contract, but we are fully secured, we have certain rights that block such a movement and there is no such possibility – he emphasized.


Grupa Lotos merges with PKN Orlen

Asked when the merger of Lotos and Orlen will become a fact and MOL will enter the Polish market, the head of Orlen replied: “It is a matter of June, the turn of June and July”. “We believe that this process can take place quickly so that we can act quickly with our partners” – he noted.

When asked if the Lotos brand would disappear from the Polish market, he denied it. “No, some stations will be rebranded as Orlen stations, i.e. over 100 stations, while for five years Lotos stations will be under the Lotos brand, and then we will make decisions – because we have the rights to this brand – whether we will allow this brand to continue functioning, or we will sell the brand itself “- he pointed out.




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