The Sad Reason Behind Michael Keaton’s Batman Retirement

The Flash director Andy Muschietti explains why Michael Keaton’s Batman is retired.

In The Flash, Ben Affleck’s Batman was replaced by Michael Keaton’s version of the classic Tim Burton movies from the early ’90s, thanks to the mayhem and multiverse-shattering time travel of Barry Allen (Ezra Miller).

Director of glitter, Andy Muschietti reveals the brutal reason this Batman gave up his career as a vigilante. Apparently a tragic incident forced him to retire but he was inexplicably dropped from the film.

In a behind the scenes featurette of the film titled Let’s Go Crazy: Batman Returns…AgainAn important part of his story has come to light that explains this retirement: “I always said that something had to happen to stop Bruce Wayne from becoming Batman… and my view was that he did something that was against his code and killed a criminal in front of a child (of a criminal) without knowing it, but he did it anyway,” explains the director.

He outlines the parallels with Bruce’s past thus: “It is a situation which is exactly the same as what happened to him when his parents were killed in front of him (next to the Monarch Theatres), and which gave rise to the ‘monster’ i.e. Batman. ,

This story helps explain why he retired and gives more relief to Keaton’s Batman, making him a far more tragic figure than he actually is seen in the film. Glow she herself. It is clear that the character lacks depth. Wracked with guilt, decades later becoming Batman again would have been one last chance at redemption, helping to better explain his decision to aid the Flash and later sacrifice himself in battle against General Zod.

Not including this story is a missed opportunity for the film, which in the end only explores Batman on the surface. That being the case, it is one of the best things about the film.

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