The saddest goodbyes – the deaths of the heroes, which hurt a lot

Spoilers alert for The Walking Dead, Mass Effect, The Last of Us 2, Mafia 2, Batman: Arkham City, Spec Ops: The Line, the original Final Fantasy VII, Gears of War 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2.

Lee Everett from The Walking Dead

Lee Everett’s life turned upside down when the car that was supposed to carry the main character of The Walking Dead – Season One – breaks down. A moment after leaving the vehicle, the man meets a lonely, lost girl named Clementine, whom he decides to take care of – Lee had no intention of leaving her to eat the zombies. Throughout the exhausting journey, this character treated the young person like a daughter, which was simply beautiful. The ending of The Walking Dead, where the main character of the first season of the series from Telltale Games does his job and dies, was very touching.

Thane Krios of Mass Effect

Thane Krios of Mass Effect was part of an endangered race called drells. In the case of our companion from Mass Effect 2, he was trained by the hanars to be a paid killer who can eliminate (almost) everyone – as long as the client has prepared enough cash for the given job. When Thane found out about his illness, he decided to change a lot in his life, while correcting mistakes from the past. He did not want his son to become a “monster” like him, and after establishing a closer relationship with Shepard, he did everything to help him in his mission. Hence, he was killed by Kai Leng’s blade defending the Salarian councilor of the home of mankind – the Citadel.

Joel from The Last of Us 2

The situation with Joel is similar to that with Lee from The Walking Dead. The main character of The Last of Us quite by accident met a young girl whom he finally decided to take care of. The relationships between the characters in Naughty Dog’s 2013 work were drawn very well. The scenario in a full-fledged continuation fared a bit worse, although the 2020 production cannot be imposed on one thing – brutality. Joel Miller died at the hands of Abby, who massacred his head with a golf club. The scene hurt, it definitely hurt a lot, especially when the camera showed us Ellie crying out.

Henry from Mafia 2

Vito Scaletta from Mafia II had a lot of financial problems, so in order to quickly earn money, he started to do work commissioned by families living in Empire Bay. Most of the assignments were accompanied by his good old friend Joe Barbaro, and later also Henry Tomasino. It was the latter who had the most creative ideas for quick earnings, but finally the Chinese triad enforcer, Wong, saw it through, who took matters into his own hands and ordered his “boys” to slaughter Henry with cleavers.

The Joker from Batman: Arkham City

Batman clashed with the Joker at every possible opportunity. In fact, both heroes had a lot in common, and even if it was not explicitly portrayed at times, both deep down wished that the latter would not leave this world. Otherwise, their lives would in a sense be meaningless. Therefore, seeing the Dark Knight carrying a deceased painted “intellectual genius” in his hands, something breaks in the protagonist of Batman: Arkham City – it is even noticeable through his mask.

Lugo from Spec Ops: The Line

The script in Spec Ops: The Line is great and I wish so few people had gotten to know it. The production tells the story of three soldiers from Delta Force, boasts an excellent scenario that each recipient can interpret in their own way. As we learn more about the plot, we witness the death of John Lugo, who is cruelly killed by the inhabitants of Dubai. The piquancy of the whole situation is added by the fact that the game puts our psyche to the test, because right after approaching the body of a companion, we can open fire on unarmed natives and pour out our anger in this almost ill-considered way.

Aerith from Final Fantasy VII

Aerith, or more precisely Aeris, in the original Final Fantasy VII did not have the opportunity to spend much time with Cloud Strif, because the writers from the Japanese studio Square decided to kill her in a temple under the Forgotten City. The situation may change dramatically in the refreshed version of the game, because – as Final Fantasy VII Remake has already shown us – the developers introduce many drastic changes in the plot. The upcoming second part of the seventh installment of the cult series promises to be noble and probably most people are now asking themselves: will Aerith in the new version of the game really die? We should find out in the course of 2022/2023.

Dominic Santiago from Gears of War 3

Dominic Santiago from the Gears of War series was Marcus Fenix’s closest friend. They always helped each other and it was no different during the journey that was to end in finding the family of the above-mentioned hero. Unfortunately, after reaching his family home, an ally of the Gears of War 3 protagonist noticed only his underfed, scarred wife. He quickly guessed that his two children were dead and throughout the rest of the journey it was obvious that all he was thinking about was being able to meet his loved ones again in another world. At whatever opportunity, he sacrificed himself to get Marcus Fenix ​​and his squad out of trouble.

Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2

At the end, I left Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2. Before the premiere, many people complained that he would not be able to play the role of the younger John Marston (the sum of the main character of the first part of the Rockstar Games brand), but as the interested parties found out, it was great and, above all, a well-thought-out decision. Arthur Morgan is definitely one of the best-written characters from the previous generation of consoles, and his departure will be remembered for years to come.

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