The scandal to the Hype House, Thomas Petrou responds to Daisy Keech

Thomas Petrou has finally broken the silence and replied to the hot coffee that in the past few days Daisy Keech he had poured on the Hype Househe created with Chase Hudson and the same Daisy. The tiktoker had accused the former friend Thomas had manipulated some members of the crew and it’s driven by all projects. Through a video posted on Youtube the 21-year-old has tried to disprove the version of Daisy.

The story begins from the relationship with Daisy, he knew in June 2019 and with which from the beginning has forged a strong bond. To September 2019 at him for the first time is the idea of creating a shared home. Talks about the project with friends, Nick, Austin and Chase Hudson, and then decide to involve Daisy.

Thomas Petrou and his truth on the Hype House

So Thomas focused on the issue in advance and the locations of the house (which Daisy has participated with a sum of 13 thousand dollars). Money that at the end of the year he would have got back, as if it had been an investment.

“I am a 21 year old that has tried to put together a team of people. Some were my closest friends, I I just wanted to create something unique. When I did the interview with the New York Times – Daisy and the dispute – I was sitting on the kitchen table with Daisy and Alex present. The interview was open to all. After that interview I noticed less and less involvement of Daisy in the Hype House. Has never published on the profile TikTok, despite all the they had access. He never advertised the crew on his social”.

So Thomas has accused Daisy of have deserted some of the important commitments of the crew and having frigate of work on the project, but also to socialize with other members. Not only. On the chapter of the trademark, Petrou has denied the former friend. “Daisy has registered the brand with his name behind us, I found out weeks after. So I and many other people of the house we stopped to trust“ he said. Only later, Thomas has depoistato (again) the mark for the House, without, however, intestarselo.

Thomas Petrou and the chapter “brain-wash”

Daisy had accused Petrou you asked for the manipulation of certain creators to join in the Hype. Users have speculated that the girl concerned was in Addison Raethat actually, in an interview with James, Charles, said he entered the crew “accidentally”, after that was invited to participate in the photo shoot. “I just told you to be kind and to treat it as if it were part of this family forever“, it defends the 21-year-old.

Thomas adds: “I’ve never added anyone to this team, without each single person was in agreement. This team has been created all together and manage as well (…) But in the end there must be someone to manage the business and the house, is what I do but I never said to be the founder“.

In short, Thomas accuses Daisy of have said lies. “I have the evidence (…) This is not true (…) There are witnesses“ he repeated several times in the course of the video entitled “The REAL truth about the HypeHouse“. How it will end this vicneda?

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