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This movie was one of the most successful movies of 2022 As for its dark history: The movie brought in roughly $214 million in revenue during its time in theaters. very high figure for comparison Its budget is $17 million, Unlike other commercial offers, It didn’t fare so badly with critics, For example, critics gave it a 79% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The tape is available on Star Plus and Paramount Plus from 2023.

inclusion of title in List of said streaming platforms news that was accompanied by another announcement: the fact that there will be a sequel to the movie reasons for success The story presented on the big screen.

Thus, the birth of a horror storylike “Duration”, “paranormal activity”Of the other tapes whose formula was squeezed to exhaustion, some had more success in theaters than others.

The horror genre is one of the favorite of the audience and there is no doubt, This film falls under the parameters of public preferencesHowever, there is one detail that sets them apart: the disturbing smile of their characters.

Sosie Bacon as the protagonist of the horror film (Photo: Paramount Players)

evil smile

Smile ,“Smile” in Spanish) is the horror film that has reached Star Plus And paramount plusWith a grim story about a demon who attacks his victims bit by bit, plays with their minds and makes them smile the most disturbing on the big screen.

The great stage work of the film’s actors manages to transform a beautiful everyday gesture into a sign of evil. That troubling gaze is the darkest side of this starring Sosie Baconblack pen, Jessie T UsherKyle Gallner, among others.

Beginning of parker finnshort film based on “Laura hasn’t slept” of the said director, tells the story of how Dr. Rose Cotter investigates a series of unusual patient cases Those who commit suicide after acting abnormally and with a creepy smile before dying.

chilling scenes in psychiatric ward They also underestimate the emotional integrity of the expert bit by bit. Despite the fact that his work and family environment tell him to take a break as they believe his stress has subsided, the protagonist suspects that there is something more behind the deaths. and it’s not without reason: her investigation will lead her to an ancient demon and his own family history.

“Smile” is a gripping film with peaks of horror and confusion Which increases the atmosphere of horror. While his ending is somewhat typical, the development of Dr. Cotter’s mind games maintains the intrigue and wonder behind its cinematic resolution.

The protagonist of “Smile” weeps in his harrowing tale (Photo: Paramount Players)

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