The screenwriters of “Plus belle la vie” forced to rewrite the first episodes expected on TF1

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While the filming of the series which will return to TF1 is due to begin on October 23, 2023, the disappearance of Marwan Berreni, who has played Abdel Fedala since 2016, forced the screenwriters to review their copy.

First disturbances for the return of “Plus belle la vie” on TF1. Still not found after violently hitting a young woman at the exit of a nightclub in Mâcon, in Saône-et-Loire, the actor Marwan Berreni disrupts, in spite of himself, the return of the cult series. Among the cast members of the series relaunched soon by the front page, this news item forced the screenwriters to rewrite the scripts for the episodes to come on the channel, reveals “Le Parisien”. “Of course his disappearance has an impact on the writing. He was one of the actors announced, and therefore expected”, entrusted the production to the Ile-de-France daily. In the meantime, the screenwriters are forced to do without him and erase certain lines from the plot script featuring his character in the series, Abdel Fedala.

His character heart of a key plot of the series

At the end of the broadcast on France 3 of “Plus belle la vie”, his character had decided to marry Barbara Evenot, his love of youth and to raise his child with her. The presence of Léa François in the casting for the takeover of the series by the Bouygues group channel therefore foreshadowed that the new version of the show would pick up the story between Abdel and Barbara where the public service had left it in November 2022. .

For the time being, many details remain unclear as to the reasons for his disappearance as well as what has happened to him since the investigators…

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