“The Scudetto is the best moment after tough seasons. Inter in crisis? Healthy group, they will recover”

Long interview with Gazzetta dello Sport to Andrea Ranocchia, fresh from retirement, in some ways forced, from football. The words of the former Nerazzurri are not trivial.

Frog, how are you?
“Well. Let’s say ‘beninino’ … I’m a little dazed. I have to put the pieces back together.”

Why did you decide to leave football despite a contract until 2024?
“There wasn’t a single triggering episode. From April, also thanks to a series of private issues, I began to feel less enthusiasm for football. I hoped it was just a moment. At Inter I was fine with everyone.”

Speaking of Inter, how did the separation go?
“My contract expired in June, Piero (Ausilio) explained to me that they had to make a whole series of evaluations. I wanted to play more, and Monza arrived. Serious project, carried out by managers who have already won, the possibility not to move their children home too (Lorenzo, 4 years old, and Adele Luna, 2) and to raise the young people. I accepted. But during the retreat I struggled a lot. years did not come back was terrible “.

How much did the injury weigh on the final decision?
“It accelerated a process already underway. So much so that I do not rule out that such a serious crack was linked to the fact that the head was no longer spinning in the right way”.

The most beautiful message?
“Citing one of them would do the others wrong. But among the many there were also Zhang, Pioli, Spalletti, Cattelan, Mentana, whom I always follow”.

Spalletti takes us back to a decisive point in his career.
“We often talk to Luciano, a great person. You refer to when he faced a fan who in 2017 insulted me during the training camp in Riscone. He almost gave him two slaps (laughs). The first time someone was spent to defend myself. A decisive shock along a path that I had undertaken alone “.

In fact, for a few years you were the scapegoat for Inter’s problems.
“I was very down, an experience that I would have done without, but formative. In football, when things don’t turn out they target two or three … Triplets, I have had difficult seasons for the club. But I also enjoyed the ascent thanks to Suning and Spalletti himself, up to the victories with Conte and Inzaghi “.

Inzaghi is now struggling.
“There are moments like this, especially at the beginning of the season, with a squad full of national teams who played also in the summer. I’m sure Inter will recover. They have the strongest squad and a healthy dressing room. It remains my favorite for the team. scudetto “.

The worst and the best moment of your career?
“The worst in the summer, when I realized that the light never came back on. The most beautiful, the Scudetto”.

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