The second part of the film with Emma Stone will be created

“Cruella” (Photo: press materials)

Estella aka Cruella De Mon returns. According to the portal “Deadline”, in the shadow of the conflict on the axis Scarlett Johansson – Disney, Emma Stone signed a contract with the Hollywood giant for the sequel to “Cruella”. There is to be even more fashion in the second part of the movie.

In late July, a lawsuit was filed with a Los Angeles Court in which Scarlett Johansson accused Disney of breaching the contract by simultaneously premiere of “Black Widow” in cinemas and on the Disney + platform. Emma Stone, who made her debut in May this year in the role of the legendary Cruella De Mon, was also to take legal action. The conflict did not thwart the producers’ plans. According to the portal “Deadline”, according to the announcements in June, “Cruella 2” will be created.

Like Glenn Close’s 101 Dalmatians, his prequel starring Stone was internationally successful, grossing over $ 85 million in the US and $ 220 million worldwide. Therefore, a few weeks after the premiere, it was announced to the public that a continuation of the story about the fate of the wicked fur lover is planned.

“Cruella” (Photo: press materials)

Although the details of the plot are not yet known, the action will most likely take place right after the events of “Cruella”, but before those of “101 Dalmatians”. It is known, however, that Craig Gillespie will be behind the camera again, and Tony McNamara will be responsible for the script, which was announced just before the contract was finalized.

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