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Leva Bates’ departure from AEW took everyone by surprise. However, there is a hidden ulterior motive behind the company’s decision not to renew the contract.

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Leva Bates’ surprise departure from AEW, announced in early May, surprised everyone including myself, as she was not expected to be fired from the company. Most recently, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select have revealed the details of what happened, shedding light on Bates’ departure from AEW.

Reportedly, Bates did not receive any contact from Tony Khan or other AEW executives to renew his contract, but merely let it expire. His dismissal was announced via email to AEW employees, leading to Several of his fellow wrestlers found out about the news before he did, which led them to call him to confirm it.

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On the first call, Bates replied that she was fine, but was shocked to learn of her dismissal during the conversation. On the other hand, several AEW fighters are pressuring Tony Khan to return Bates to the company, however It is still unknown whether these pleas have worked or whether the company’s president will consider offering him a new contract.

It should be noted that Bates began his career in AEW as a fighter, but over time he has taken on various roles behind the scenes, including as a fight agent, among others. In late 2022, he turned his attention back to wrestling, but soon disappeared again. His last appearance in an AEW ring was in February this year.

Apart from this, he also contributed to the operation of AEW Heels.An online community that seeks to connect female wrestlers with fans in order to promote the style’s visibility in the wrestling world.

Bates’ parting words on her social media pages were greeted by her co-workers, who congratulated her on her message. Even though his dismissal came at an inopportune time for him,

Bates broadcast words of positivity through her online platform.

However, in the face of this situation It remains to be seen what the future holds for Leva Bates and whether he will ever be a part of AEW again. We will keep an eye out for any updates in this regard.

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