the sentence shouted to the referee Massa

The match of Champions League between Olympique Marseille and Sporting Lisbon started with a delay of 22 minutes due to road traffic that did not allow the bus carrying the Portuguese team to arrive on time at the Velodrome. With the Portuguese stuck in the traffic of France, Igor Tudor he appeared very annoyed in the stadium tunnel. The technician of the Marseillefurious for the delay, he took it out in particular with the referee of the match, the Italian Davide Massa, towards which he vented with rather harsh sentences. His anger towards the referee was captured by the cameras.

Marseille-Sporting, Tudor and the controversy before the Champions League

Officially postponed to 6:55 pm and then 7 pm, the meeting finally started at 7:07 pm. Meanwhile, Tudor spared no controversy and was infuriated by the singular situation that involved his team, already in front of the locker rooms and ready to enter the field, taking it out on the referee and the UEFA delegates present at Marseille stadium. Passing from English to Italian, the former Verona coach thundered: “They do it on purpose, they don’t give a shit. We are more damaged than them. It is not possible for them to do this.” “It’s not my job, the UEFA delegate is thinking about it”, Massa answered. Tudor did not send them to say: “Can they do whatever they want? It’s the Champions League, not an amateur tournament”.

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