The sequel to ‘all the boys that I fell in love with’ already has a release date on Netflix – movie News

‘P.S. I Still love you’ will come to the platform of ‘streaming’ in the February 12, 2020 and ‘For always, Lara Jean’ is already rolling with Wool Condor and Noah Centineo of protagonists.

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After the success of To all the boys that I fell in love with, based on the literary saga, romantic Jenny Have, Netflix has announced through your profile official in Instagram the date for the premiere of the second part. The sequel To all the guys: P.S. I Still love you will be available on the platform of ‘streaming’ the February 12, 2020again with Wool Condor and Noah Centineo as the protagonists Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky. But that’s not all! All the boys: For alwaysLara Jean, the closure of the trilogy, also is rolling in these moments.

In the video with the that Netflix has communicated the good news, you can see Wool Condor (Lara Jean), Noah Centineo (Peter) and the last signing Jordan Fisher (John Ambrose McClaren) holding signs that reveal the release date of the sequel. “We almost forgot about one thing…”you can read in a moment. “The third film, For always, Lara Jean, is in production”.

According to the giant ‘streaming’, To all the guys that I fell in love with it is one of their original movies most viewed. P.S. Still love you it will also feature in the cast with Ross Butler (Thirteen reasons, ¡Shazam!) and will be directed by Michael Fimognari (The curse of Hill House) in replacement of Susan Johnson (Carrie Pilby). Now, do not wait and do not miss the notice in the form of video.

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