The series “Chase for love”. Where to watch? Plot

  • From May 28 on BBC First you can watch the series “Pogoń za miłość”, which is a screening of the popular novel by Nancy Mitford
  • The action takes place in the 1920s in Great Britain. The main characters are two young women who dream of a different life
  • Linda and Fanny are played by Lily James and Emily Beecham. In an interview with Onet, the actresses talked about their experiences with the set and how they look at their heroines
  • – Naturally, at that time, women had a lot more restrictions. But the problems the protagonists struggle with are very contemporary, argue James and Beecham unanimously
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1920s, seemingly idyllic village in Oxfordshire. Linda (played by Lily James) and her cousin Fanny (Emily Beecham) are thinking about getting married – they are not in love yet, they just want to run away from home. They dream about an interesting life, full of new experiences. They also want to get away from the house where entertainment is to organize hunting in which the game is … the farmers’ children – and Fanny. Young women break out of family care, wanting to meet candidates who will offer them something better. Unfortunately, they have no other option – a woman’s independent life, conducted without family supervision, was out of the question at the time. In the end, the heroines find what they were looking for – Linda of madness and adoption, Fanny stabilization at the man’s side. Different choices became the cause of their separation, and both realize that they are missing something …

This is the plot of “Pogoń za miłość”, the new series from BBC One, which will be available in Poland from May 28. The production is based on the popular novel by Nancy Mitford, which was published in 1945.

In an interview with Onet, the lead actors, Lily James and Emily Beecham, argue that although they are decades away from the characters they create, they find many threads connecting them with Fanny and Linda. – Naturally, at that time, women had a lot more restrictions. But the problems the heroines struggle with are very contemporary. Emily Mortimer, who directed “The Pursuit of Love,” understands that perfectly well. He treats the nuances of women’s affairs with courage and passion, argues Lily James. And he adds: although the story is set in specific times, during the filming, the actresses did not feel that they were shooting a costume series.

Photo: BBC Studios

Emily Mortimer – director of “Chase for Love” also plays the eccentric mother of Fanny

Emily Beecham emphasizes the importance of the physicality of the characters shown in the series. They bathe together, sleep close to each other, and when they need to hide, they run to the closet where bedding, tablecloths and other materials are kept. Closeness is a must for them. – Linda and Fanny grew up together. They were next to each other not only when they changed themselves, but also when the world around them was changing – she explains.

To achieve the effect of such closeness, did actresses like Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet live together during the filming of Sense and Sensibility?

– No, but it was very easy to act like that because Lily has amazing acting skills, Emily Beecham laughs. “Fanny, my heroine, is … well, you might say she is in love with Linda.” He behaves in a specific way with her. Lily’s living spirit responded quickly to that.

Beecham adds that long conversations with Emily Mortimer were also helpful. The actresses shared their experiences from life: childhood, teenage years and finally from the time when they became young women. They revealed various secrets. They took advantage of these experiences on the screen.

Photo: BBC Studios

Emily Beecham and Lily James in “The Pursuit of Love”

Beecham and James starred in several productions about the two decades before World War II. “I think the story of those times allows us to show the problems faced by women in a sharper perspective,” Lily James points out. – We still experience them today, but when we observe them against the background of the ongoing war, they become more intense.

Emily Beecham adds that filming the costume production allowed for a moment to forget about other, more recent shocks, i.e. the ongoing pandemic (“Chasing Love” was one of the first productions to resume production in the UK after the first lockdown due to the COVID pandemic – 19). – Moving to other times can cheer you up. It is such an escape from a difficult year that we have experienced. We felt it on the set, for sure – convinces the actress.

Photo: BBC Studios

Emily Beecham on the set of “Chasing Love”

The details are very important in this story. Linda and Fanny choose not accidental readings. You can catch them with Virginia Woolf novels – yes, you can catch them because Linda’s father strongly opposes educating young women. Fanny is reading Orlando. The central figure is born during the reign of Elizabeth I as an English nobleman. At 30, she undergoes a mysterious sex change – and lives up to the present day without actually changing. Linda reads “Mrs. Dalloway” which is a study of the human psyche. The title character travels through London getting ready for the party; meanwhile, she considers whether she has done the right thing in getting married.

Like Orlando, Linda and Fanny are just exploring their identities, trying to get to know themselves. Later, like Mrs. Dalloway, they weigh their choices. Their reading speaks of themselves.

Photo: BBC Studios

Lily James as Linda. The protagonist reads “Mrs. Dalloway” by Virginia Woolf

– That’s a great observation. Linda and Fanny are soul mates, but at some point they part ways. Emily Mortimer focused on female friendship and the changes within it. This relationship can be really different, says Lily James. And Emily Beecham adds: – “Chasing love” is a story about wanting to be someone when you don’t know exactly who you want to be. You have to fight limitations. You are getting married because you have no other option. You frustrate yourself. This is happening to Fanny. At the same time, she and Linda are looking for something. They check – also themselves.

Actresses agree that Linda and Fanny are mirror images of their own experiences. In the course of the story, Linda abandons her daughter just as her mother abandoned Fanny in her childhood. This hurts Fanny again, but when she becomes a mother herself, she reevaluates her beliefs and realizes many emotions previously unavailable to her.

What was the hardest part about filming?

– The series focuses on about 15 years in the life of the protagonists and we did not shoot the events chronologically. It is then difficult to adjust the strength of emotions to the specific experiences of our characters – sighs Emily Beecham. Lily James nods, “The different stages in Fanny and Linda’s life are different feelings and their intensity.”

– But we did drink a lot of coffee and it helped. Everything ended well – says Emily Beecham.

Polish viewers will be able to see “Pogoń za miłość” on the BBC First channel on May 28 at. 22:30.

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