The series with Samuel L. Jackson was delayed in May of this year [RUMOR]

Secret Invasion, the series starring Samuel L. Jackson has been delayed May of this year according to a rumor.

In the spring of 2023 will come up Disney+ Secret Invasionthe series starring Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) e Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) focused on the silent invasion of Skrulls in the highest commanding ranks of the Land and inspired by the comic mini-series of the same name by Brian Michael Bendis.

According to a new rumor launched by CanYouGetSomeToast (sometimes this account proved to be reliable, other times not so), the first episode of Secret Invasion could be coming to the streaming service of the Mickey Mouse house the next May instead of in the first months of 2023 as initially planned:

“On a happier note, expect the first episode of Secret Invasion in May.”

It is probable that this postponement, if confirmed, is linked to the reshoots ordered by Marvel Studios for the show. Last year, in fact, it was announced that the series would have undergone a huge additional filming session to modify various scenes. According to what was revealed by the well-known insider Daniel Richmanthe reason is to be attributed to the war between Russia And Ukraine currently in progress. The insider revealed that some scenes from the series (already anticipated by the photos from the set) they predicted an attack by the Skrulls, infiltrated by the Russian mafia, on the population. In the midst of the battle, which takes place in a square of Flygods were also present citizens of Ukraine.

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