The Sexy “Sweet Dreams” That Maribel Guardia Wishes You

With very flirty pajamas, she wishes her followers good night, and during the interaction with her followers, she reveals the name of the perfume she wears.

Every Maribel Guardia look is news: When she doesn’t appear with short hair and a formal look, she does it with an evening dress or a sports suit, but whatever it is, she always looks good.

At 61 years of age, he is a success in social networks, and only on Instagram has 5.9 million followers.

May your beautiful dreams come true ”.

As in each of his publications, the compliments did not wait and he took the opportunity to interact with some of his followers.

The actress revealed that her favorite perfume is Bomb Flowers and that brought back memories to a former policeman from Laredo, Texas, who had to work that day in security at the Washington Parade and commented on that anecdote because he managed to take a photo with her and remembered her scent.

Among the more than 800 comments there were requests for greetings, kisses, and even a poem dedicated to him.

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