Their name is WAHU but, contrary to what one might think, they are an entirely Italian project and product. Why the shoes of the future? Because what they bring is innovation, thanks to the mini compressors inside them they can be inflated and deflated via the app in order to adapt to any type of person and terrain! This is a KickStarter project that will be a reality shortly and think about the potential and the thousand possible fields of use that they may have!

Yup swell, Yes but how do they work? Seen from the outside, the sole of the shoe has cleats that as soon as we control the inflation via the app come out and cushion the walk, a bit like what happens on cars with air suspension, thus absorbing the roughness of the ground and providing more grip. than normal. In fact, if the studs were fixed on an uneven ground, contact with most of the sole would be lost, in doing so instead the studs in contact with the most protruding part of the ground will crush and this will allow the shoe to almost “embrace” even a surface, in fact, irregular.

From the application the pressure inside the inner tubes is shown in real time and we can decide to change it in real time. When they are ready they will also indicate the steps, the time in which we will have been standing during the day and other useful parameters at the moment not yet indicated.

There charging takes place via a wireless mat, obviously included in the package, and autonomy it should be a full day of use.

In conclusion I would say that although at the beginning I feared the “cow” after having tried it, I am more inclined to “Genius”, net of important weight, which, however, should be limited only to these specimens / prototype, I have not found fault with it but on the contrary, I think about how many uses they could have also for example in the medical field, imagine if they analyzed our walking / posture and helped us to prevent back pain and such problems ..

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