the shot shows the singer from a small and with the bangs

Céline Dion, source: wikipedia

The singer of world renown, Céline Dionhe wanted to show himself to the fans in a different form. On Instagram, the artist has decided to dig in the memories and post a photo that shows her to be small.

THE BIRTHDAY – A few days ago, Dion has blown 52 candles. In view of the emergency Coronavirus, there has been no way to celebrate a birthday with a mega party, but still wanted to share with his fans on such an important day for her. Because of this, the woman has shared a photo that dates back to his childhood and showing a little Céline with another look.

THE SHOT ON INSTAGRAM – The public is accustomed to its look elegant flaunted on the red carpet and on stage, has had the opportunity to see the singer in a new light. The photo in question was taken from the school yearbook, probably the one of the elementary schools. In this shot you can see a Céline with hair long to the shoulders and a fringe, wearing a t-shirt with ruffles at scottish print, in hues of red, yellow and green. To never change is the sweet smile that even today, the artist performs in any occasion. To accompany the photo is the caption written by the staff that manages the account of the singer: “Happy birthday Celine! We wish you health, love and happiness”.

THE NEGATIVE RESULT OF THE TEST – After that had been canceled the first dates of a world tour, there were fears that the Dion had contracted the Covid-19. After six shows in the New York area, the singer had begun to accuse the first symptoms. The doctors, having observed that the discomfort persisted, have forced the singer to rest for at least 5-7 days. To reassure fans it was the staff of Céline’s: the singer has tested negative to the test for the Covid-19.

DATE CANCELLED – After the results of the swab, the singer can enjoy the serenity, and his three sons Rene (19 years old), and twins Nelson and Eddy (9 years). As well as all the other artists, Céline Dion has been forced to cancel dates, and postpone his tour. It is precisely her on Twitter: “The dates of the Courage World Tour in North America, scheduled from march 24 to 27 April, have been postponed and will redefine”.

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