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The French actor Vincent Cassel back to work with the cult director David Cronenberg after being directed by the filmmaker in his films such as The Assassin’s Promise and A Dangerous Method; the new film, written by Cronenberg himself, will be titled The Shrouds.

The main production, which will begin in March 2023, anticipates a hypothetical debut in theaters in 2024. In the meantime, David Cronenberg will make his debut on the Croisette of the 75th Cannes Film Festival with the highly anticipated Crimes of the Future with Viggo Mortensen, Lèa Seydoux and Kristen Stewart.

Below is the first description of The Shrouds:

The film follows Cassel as Karsh, an innovative businessman and grieving widower, who builds a device to connect with the dead inside a funerary shroud. Karsh’s revolutionary activity is on the verge of breaking into the international mainstream market when several graves inside his cemetery are vandalized and nearly destroyed, including that of his wife. As he struggles to uncover the reason behind the attack, the mystery of who caused this chaos and why, Karsh will be prompted to reevaluate his affairs, marriage and faithfulness to his late wife’s memory, as well as push him to new ones. you begin.

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