The “siblings” Kendall Jenner Kirby Jenner discusses the new show of Quibi and the council’s maternal Kris Jenner

The series, entitled “Kirby Jenner” the first Sunday in Quibi. The show focuses on one artist of the performance of 24-year-old became famous in the last five years with your account Instagram on the parody, where he claims to be his twin brother, fraternal of Kendall Jenner.

The series of eight episodes was produced by Kendall and Kris Jenner. The two perform a cameo role in a few episodes, with Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian West.

The show will also feature the appearances of the guests of the actors Ray Romano, Ted Danson and Beverly D’angelo.

“Kirby Jenner” he started to add photos with Kendall Jenner and her family in 2015 and have noticed. Now calls Kris Jenner his “mom”.

The Galileus Web reached “Kirby” before the start of the show. He declined to give his real name and has not broken his character during our conversation.

Kirby, why did you decide to participate in this series?

“In reality, it was not my decision. In reality it was an idea of my mother (to put on a stage show),” said the true mother of Kendall Jenner, Kris. Jenner. “(Kris) mentioned something about a guy named Quibi and about how he wanted to do a reality show with me and I thought:” Whoa, there is a guy named Quibi? “I was so intrigued and said:” No, the network is called Quibi, the guy is called Jeffrey Katzenberg. I did a search on Jeffrey Katzenberg and I was surprised to learn that it was the guy in “Shrek!”

How is the environment working with Kris Jenner?

“It is fantastic, is a good mom. I feel really lucky to have someone like her in my life. Not only is a mother … when it comes to reality TV, is one of the best executive producers in the world. produces for the whole life. Is the executive producer of my home, where I live with her, produces the majority of my meals and most of my trips. I mean, she is the best. ”

Tell us why you are living in the attic of the home “mom”?

“I love it up there. I was in a room, but she (Kris Jenner) has transformed it into a dresser for the lotion. Which was good, because the attic giving me a bit more of privacy, I’m 24 years old, so I like to have a little bit of my space. Smells of water up there, but it’s cold. “

Why should people listen to your show Quibi?

“My show has a bit of everything. There is fashion and modeling. There is the train, my sisters are there. I fought with a bird and a clown business, and singing. I’m really excited to show the world what I do behind closed doors “.

Tell us which celebrities you have invited to your show, including Ted Danson, how could this happen?

“Ted, I try to go out with so many years. We met once, we played a telephone number, and we talked about going out and it never happened. Finally, I convinced me to enrol on a japanese course with me, because I knew that he was trying to learn japanese. Not the I was, but I just wanted to go out with Ted. “

Have you ever fought with your “sisters”?

“Occasionally chiacchiererò with some members of the family. Kimberly (as Kardashian West) might be a rather uneven, but the struggles that Kendall (Jenner) and I have to be really small and petty. fighting over what to watch on TV. You know, Kendall has always wanted to watch “Cops” and shows of criminal justice, and I was more like “SpongeBob”, “Rocket Power” cartoons “.

How are you during the quarantine with Kris?

“In fact, these are not my mother, are from Kylie (Jenner). Are as his mother-in-law, or like a carriage drawn by horses. I don’t think that he knows that I am here to be honest. ”

Clarification: a previous version of this story stated that the first was Monday.

This interview was edited and condensed for clarity.

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